Forced Regression Fantasy

So i have a love for forced regression either by word suggestion or some other way possible magical lol like if i was to make a potion and have a guy that thinks he is all macho but he isn’t and i could show him who was boss and that you can be a macho man and not be a dick! And treat women like objects well this Abdl mommy! So back to this fantasy i Would use  a word suggestion in  which you would immediately go down in age and size to a baby and hear and understand what mommy and people are saying you just won’t be able to respond hehe and another word i would use a suggestion you would poop uncontrollaby no matter where we would go or who we was around because you’re just a baby you can’t help it and mommy can change you anywhere! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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Adult Baby And Abdl Phone Sex Part 3

This blog was written by my sweet baby boy!

At the a restaurant we walked in went straight to the bathroom was unisex restroom inside she put the abdl diaper bag she packed on the sink that was my diaper bag she took out wipes powder and a diaper she asked me to take off my pants I unzipped then they fell to the floor she laid out my changing pad I sat on it and she began to change me then a Knock at the door someone was outside Carly yelled back occupied and we both laughed she untapped my diaper wiped and powdered me I smiled back at her she throw my wet  adult diaper away and slid new one under me pulled up front tapped the tabs on asked me stand up and pulled up my pants we left bathroom saw the other person waiting we walked to are table ordered I said hope he didn’t see my dirty diaper she looked at me said he’ll think it’s a baby diaper we laughed she ask were too next I said the food store we ate are food and left. Call me abdl phone sex



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Learning Lessons For Naughty Adult babies Part 1!

You told  Abdl Mommy you quit smoking. That was a lie, and she knew it, because she smelled it on you. You and your friend from work were still smoking cigarettes. That was a mistake, because your Mommy and his Mommy are friends! So, they devised a plan to teach you never to lie to your Mommies again! A little lesson in  abdl humiliation. When you left on your business trip, your bags were already packed by Mommy. When you got to your hotel, you learned that she replaced all your underpants with diapers and cute baby panties! Not only that, but you were locked out of your rooms by her request (payment held until you followed through), until you and your friend produced a photo of you in your diapers in the hotel hallway, with your cigarette packs in view as well. You would then go flush them down the potty – with more photo proof, and that was ALL the potty you would be seeing for the next week!! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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Auntie Needs Your Cock!

I bet you that you have some naughty phone sex fantasies, don’t you? Do you ever think about fucking your phone sex Auntie? I hope so, because that sounds like a wonderful idea to me!  I can be a harsh disciplinary sometimes, keeping you in line however I need to, but there are moments when all I really want is to be fucked hard, dear.  Do you think you could do that for me? Could you grab my hips from behind, and slide your hard cock into me until I’m soaking wet and aching? When I peg some of my abdl’s, I always want them to remember it every time they move or sit down for the next week, because they will be so sore and sensitive…but in a really good way!  Sometimes I need that too. Would you do that for me? How about you call me, and tell me exactly what you could do for a horny Auntie?



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ABDL Sissy Sex

What do you get when you cross abdl phone sex with sissy phone sex? Well you get sissy abdl phone sex of course! Mommy loves dressing you in all sorts of pretty outfits. Especially when I bring all my girlfriends over and have them dress you up. Mommy plans the best slumber parties with all of your little sissy friends don’t I? Mommy is going to do something special for you tonght. I’ve been planning it all week! We’re going to have a little tea party with all your abdl sissy friends. First thing we need to do is go pick out a new dress for my sissy abdl girl. We can’t have a pretty princess tea party without a pretty princess dress now can we? So come on mommy needs to get you out and dressed up for the big day ahead of you! No Mommy is going to make sure today is as perfect as you are because mommy always wants her abdl sissy girl to have nothing but the best!



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Fun With Enemas

You have a dirty little secret and this Mommy knows exactly what it is. I know you’re addicted to enema phone sex. You’ve been this way ever since Mommy gave you your first flush. You were so upset because your tummy hurt and you couldn’t go potty. So Mommy did what she does best and improvised. You were a little nervous at first and embarrassed that Mommy was so close to your hiney. I made sure to put a little Vaseline on the outside of your bum. You flinched a bit from the coldness of it and I made sure you stayed very still as I started to slip the hose inside your bottom. Once it was inside I grabbed the bag and slowly started squeezing the fluid inside you. Your eyes got bigger as Mommy squeezed the rest of it in you, suddenly feeling very full. That little pee pee between your legs was sticking straight up now. It showed just how much you enjoyed having your Mommy giving you your first enema. And when you made silly little excuses time after time about needing them I smiled and didn’t say a word each time I gave you one. You like fetish phone sex and Mommy knows it!



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