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Thank YOU the week is finally OVER! I have been so horny phone sex I can’t fucking sleep. Do you ever get like that? Sometimes I just want to FUCK so badly I can taste the cum in my mouth. I know that’s been the case with me lately, it seems I can’t get enough sex. Sometimes I will lay in the bed and just touch my pussy until it starts getting so wet. I love it when I can feel my fingers going in and out of my tight wet pussy! I then start playing with my nipples. Do you ever just sit there and Fuck yourself? I am now using my 12 inch cock to fuck my tight ass. OHHH  I love the way it feels! If you are wanting to get your tight ass fuck , you know what to do. Call your horny mommy Michelle NOW!



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Crissy Loves Diaper Humiliation Phone Sex

Are you in need of a bratty domme mommy to tease you about being obsessed with diaper domination phone sex? Well look no further because Mommy Crissy is the brattiest femdom mommy around. I’m not a strict domme mommy like most of the mommies on here but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to tease and humiliate you! I’ll tease and make fun of you for being a big boy waddling around in your adult diapers! You probably make messies in them too don’t you? And you expect me as your mommy to change them right? Well I’m telling you right now you better make sure to hold your bladder because Mommy Crissy only does two diaper changes a day so if you make any more messies it’s your fault if you end up with a diaper rash during our diaper punishment phone sex session!
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Diaper Domination Phone Sex With Ava

Are you a perverted abdl phone sex lover like me and love all the possibilities that come with it? Well then diaper boy you may have qualified to be my new adult baby I’m Ava and I’ve always been known for being a strict and dominant mommy who knows exactly how to discipline her naughty boys! That’s right there will be no weasling your way out of anything with me young man if I catch you being naughty you bet I’m going to enforce discipline to teach you a lesson! Don’t think I’m not afraid to pull your pants down and pull down that diaper right in public and bend you over my knee for a spanking! I don’t care where we are, how many people are there, or if anyone there knows you. If I catch you being naughty in public you bet I’m going to discipline you with some diaper punishment phone sex!
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Adult Daycare Phone Sex

I do believe that it’s time to take you to your abdl daycare!  I’ve been in a bit of a rush this morning, but I finally got everything together, so all we have to do now is get you in the car seat. I’m going to buckle you in, give you a few of your toys and your bottle to play with and we are on the road!  You’re such a good adult baby, you just giggle and coo on the way to your daycare, not kicking up a fuss at all.   We get to the daycare, and I lift you out of the car, and set you on my hip as I take you inside, and you get so excited when you see all the babies that are just like you!  You see big ones, little ones, ones that are in between, and they’re all scattered about the room, toys galore all around, and I nearly drop you from how much you’re wiggling to get down!  Would you like to talk about your own little fantasy that involves your very own abdl mommy? Call me anytime!



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Naughty Time With Your Abdl Mommy Part 3

You continue to move up you abdl mommys  legs nice and slow then you slowly spread them apart slide down my panties and you start kissing my pussy lips then spreading them open and taking your tongue and just tracing the inside by my sweet lips and your tongue is going in deep slow circles up and down my clit nice and slow sucking and tasting all of my juices. The you take two fingers and slide them
inside of me and start to tickle where my g-spot is while tonging faster and fast I lift my head up and say “put your cock in me now” You slow come up kidding my belly and the sucking on my nipples as your enter my and I am shocked by just how big your cock is! You start getting faster and faster until I start to scream out with pleasure and throwing my head back! I can’t believe we have waited this
long! I can feel your body start to tense up and you say I am going to cum! I am going to cum! I whisper do it baby fill mommy up with you load of hot cum! Call me for some Fetish Phone Sex
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Pretty Sissy Phone Sex Part 3

Now I come back to you in that bathroom with a nice warm towel and help you out of the tub and then walk with you to your Adult changing table and lay you down and you notice a pretty pink dress what has a bunch of ruffles and nice and poofy petticoat. With white pantyhose and ruffled plastic panties! I slide on your Adult Diaper
and then coat your bottom with lube then take my 3 fingers and slide them deep and slowly into your ass slowly stretching it out! Shh Sissy slut you know these guys have huge cocks like you crave and you don’t want it to hurt do you? No then you better get some practice! I help you off the changing table and slide on your petticoat and
dress and then tie you up really good and tight! I lift up your dress and bend you over the changing table spread your ass cheeks and grab your hips and slide my strap on deep into your ass! Slow and steady. Then starting to speed up, I feel you pushing back on my wanting and craving more! Right before you cum I stake my strap on out of
your ass and then slide your adult diaper back on! Call me for some Fetish Phone Sex!
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