Abdl Mommy Janey The Persuader!

Abdl Mommy Janey talks me into the most embarrassing things. Last week, she got me to go outside in just a diaper and pink top. I would have argued, but she is Mommy. She authoritatively put me on my back on the bed, stripped me of my clothes, and then lifted my legs to put the thick  adult diaper on me. She had me lift my hips several times so she could adjust the diaper to her liking, then rubbed in baby oil and powder – which means she expects me to wet it – before pulling the front up through my legs and taping it tightly – so tightly, it seems like she might break the tapes off!  I am then led down the hallway, and right out the door into a quiet parking lot. I feel so exposed standing out here while Mommy Janey smokes her cigarette, but when someone pulls up in a truck, she comes to stand in front of me, letting me know I am safe. She has got me to go out in diapers, get a spanking, change in public restrooms, buy embarrassing things, and wear a bib in restaurants.  I don’t know why I put up with it! I am a man, not a baby!!! …… Excuse me, it is time for me to call Mommy Janey again….. For some Abdl Sex Talk



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Special Reward For A Special ABDL Boy!

Special little abdl boys like yourself need special attention and rewards for being a good baby, and don’t think I don’t know that! Since you’ve been very, very good for quite awhile now, I’m thinking that you need an extra special reward, and I have something in mind that will be wonderful for both of us. I’m going to put you in a super-crinkly diaper, and get down on all fours in front of you so you can get on your knees behind me to rub and press your diaper covered cock against my ass and pussy! All you have to do is hold my hips in your hands and hold me in place while you rock against me, pressing your hard throbbing cock against the soft diaper until you cum in them. Are you ready for a naughty diaper reward yourself? Just call me for some sexy mommy phonesex!



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I Will Tell You How To Cum

I always enjoy it when I tell you exactly how I want you to touch yourself, give you some guided masturbation instructions while I watch. I have to make you start off slow, and have to be firm about it because you are too eager to wrap your hard aching cock and rub one out quickly. I want it to be slow. I will tell you do everything over and over again until you are desperate, nearly begging for me to tell you to go faster, or grip tighter, or press down harder. You can beg all you want, but I wouldn’t if I were you. The more you beg, the longer I want to draw it out, just to hear you beg and plead more. The best thing for you to do is lay there, touch yourself the way I tell you to until you are gasping for breath, sweat dripping from your body, while your muscles shake and quiver. Click here to find out what happens next, or call me for your edge-play phonesex!



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Wet Wittle Robbie

Robbie yawned in his abdl crib, stretching his chubby arms out to greet the day as he woke up! Uh-oh… He felt the familiar sensation of a leaking adult baby diaper underneath his cozy blue sleeper. Baby boy had just a little bit too much juice last night, it would seem! AB boy’s lip started to tremble, his unhappy cries bringing his caring AB mommy running to his side. She scooped him right up out of his wet bed and onto the cutesy changing table in his ageplay nursery. Like any good mommy, she was well prepared for her baby boy’s big mess and even had a bottle of milk all warm and ready for him! Nursing happily on his ba-ba, AB boy cooed as his mommy changed his soaked bottom, getting him all ready for a big day of playing. Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy 1-888-430-2010

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Diaper Fun Reward! (part 2)

You were a good abdl boy! Now you get to play with Baby Barbie! What do you think you would like to do first? Oh, look at her face! She was already blushing, but know she’s bright red and fidgeting. Press your hand against the front of her diaper, I want you to feel it as her diaper gets warmer and a lot wetter! I knew that little scrunched up look on her face meant she could tell that she’d had an accident. She still gets embarassed every now and then, so why don’t you show her how good those soaking wet diapers can feel? Press the heel of your hand against her pussy and firmly stroke it up and down through the pissy diaper, stopping occasionally to focus all that pressure on her swollen little clittie to make her moan like a greedy whore. Go ahead and click here to read the first part, and right here to find out what happens next! Better yet, call me for some naughty diaper boy phonesex to find out what might happen to you.



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Mommy Dom

Are you a little attention slut because you didn’t get any attention from either of my your parents? You feel like you are thirteen again but can be a little phone sex bratty girl and act more like you are a five year old when you get upset. Are you a middle with little tendencies? You like attention, affection, coloring books, markers, crayons, pooh bear, my little pony, and scary movies. You have the urge that to have a Mommy/little/middle relationship since you started liking women when you were thirteen. Your tits really started growing and you started to get attention from both sexes.

You would need a patient caring Mommy that would nurture, show and teach you how to be a good girl so you can have all the attention, affection, coloring books, markers, crayons, cupcakes and brownies. To watch all the pooh bear, my little pony, and scary movies so you can stay up late and have all the naughty playtime that you want with mommy!

You want a Mommy/daughter relationship that you can have a 24/7 relationship. You want a very sexual relationship with mommy. Strictness or rules for you to break them a lot so mommy has to discipline you. Mommy would make you follow them or not because she might like disciplining you. All you want is a good Mommy who loves and takes good care of you.



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