Mommy Dom

Are you a little attention slut because you didn’t get any attention from either of my your parents? You feel like you are thirteen again but can be a little phone sex bratty girl and act more like you are a five year old when you get upset. Are you a middle with little tendencies? You like attention, affection, coloring books, markers, crayons, pooh bear, my little pony, and scary movies. You have the urge that to have a Mommy/little/middle relationship since you started liking women when you were thirteen. Your tits really started growing and you started to get attention from both sexes.

You would need a patient caring Mommy that would nurture, show and teach you how to be a good girl so you can have all the attention, affection, coloring books, markers, crayons, cupcakes and brownies. To watch all the pooh bear, my little pony, and scary movies so you can stay up late and have all the naughty playtime that you want with mommy!

You want a Mommy/daughter relationship that you can have a 24/7 relationship. You want a very sexual relationship with mommy. Strictness or rules for you to break them a lot so mommy has to discipline you. Mommy would make you follow them or not because she might like disciplining you. All you want is a good Mommy who loves and takes good care of you.



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My Toilet Play Idea!

I need you to get down on your knees, and pull your diaper and plastic pants as far away from your tummy as you can. I’m going to use you and your diaper as my personal toilet that I can take wherever I go! So open that diaper wide for some fetish toilet play while I press my pussy against your chest and piss against you so it streams down your tummy and you can get a soaked abdl diaper! I will do that over and over, all day long, drinking lots of water to make sure that diaper swells up and starts to leak down your thighs. Then I’ll make you lay down on your stomach and hump the floor in that super wet diaper till you cum inside it! I won’t be able to help but tease you until you blush about that. When I change your diaper, I’m going to show you just how much you came inside it, show you what a big mess you made. Go ahead and call for your toilet play phonesex so we can have some fun!



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Tiny Cock Teasing!!

Honey, do you have any idea just how small your cock has to be for you to be too small for a midget? It’s…you’ve heard about teacup dogs, right? You have a teacup cock! You need and deserve some small penis humiliation for pulling that pathetic worm out and thinking I would bother to even touch it! No, what’s going to happen is that you are going to lay on your back and press your little tiny clittie against your tummy with just the tip of two fingers and rub it in tight circles. I’m going to sit on the edge of the bed and watch you till you can’t take it anymore and cum in front of me. You know I won’t be able to stop teasing you about this. I can’t believe you did something so ridiculous, even if I did tell you to do it!  Call for your humiliation phonesex.

Midget Mimi


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Forced Into Diapers

The summer had started out like any other, with Dylan out of school and free to be his bratty self, expecting his sexy step mother to pick up after him and whining at her for his every want. Jackie had had just about enough of his raging adolescent tantrums and had devised a plan to remind him that he needed to behave, despite what he thought. She had always had a stern, dominant streak and her lips curved into a wicked smile as she approached him. Dylan stomped his feet at her, hands on his hips he looked like an overgrown adult baby rather than a young man! Jackie grabbed him by the ear, leading him roughly to the bathroom where she had a adult baby changing cloth laid out on the floor. His eyes widened but he was totally powerless as she strong armed him to the floor, pulling off his pants with surprising dexterity as she pounced on her diaper punishment prey. Her bratty step son was going back into disposable adult diapers no matter how much he struggled against her. Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy 1-888-430-2010

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Adult Bed Wetter Discipline Phone Sex Part 1!

You awake with a start. What was that you felt?? Uh-oh … you reach our hand under the sheets slowly, worried about what you will find. Sure enough – you’ve wet your bed again, sweetheart. Well, you know what we talked about, don’t you? After your Abdl  Mommy made you color the pretty picture on that chart and we put it on the wall above your bed? We talked about how more stars on the chart would mean more privileges, but every morning you are wet we have to put a big black W on the chart, and more of those on the chart mean you LOSE privileges.  Lots of Ws on the chart, little one. You already lost the privilege of staying up past 7:00 p.m., AND of using the adult potty. You’ve been having to ask permission, and use the baby potty, haven’t you? You know what’s next!  Call me for some Abdl Sex Talk!



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Diaper Masturbation Phone Sex!

How often to you play with yourself while you’re in a diaper, indulging in some naughty diaper masturbation? When you do, do you start with pressing your hand against the front of the diaper right where it feels the best, sliding the heel of your palm right down the ridge of your hard cock. Do you drag it out, reaching down every now and then to cup your balls through the diaper, squeezing them tight? I bet you are too impatient to do that! I am absolutely sure that you drag your hand down your tummy and inside your thick abdl diaper to wrap your hand around your cock to start stroking hard and fast. How long do you think it will take you to cum like that, your hand dragging your precum all over cock, making it even slicker and easier to slide through your fist! How about you call me for some diaper sex phonesex?



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