Overpowering You

Do you like phone sex overpowering? I love holding you in place with nothing more than my hands gripping you, my weight pushing down upon you. The feeling of you struggling and you only realizing you’re completely helpless. To watch you squirm knowing there’s absolutely nothing you could do to stop me from having my way with you, even if you wanted to.

I like to overpower you. My favorite is to flip you on your stomach and remove your sexy panties in an instant when you’ve said something sassy to me. To hold you down as I spank that attitude right out of you. Hearing you whimper with regret, even though it makes your little phone sex pussy so wet like nothing else can.

To make you kneel before me and beg for me to use you. To allow you the pleasure of being my pleasing pet and know that I could overpower you at any moment. It’s a thrill for us both and something I treasure as much as I treasure you.



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Cheating Husband Forced To Wear Diapers!

Did you really think that you could get away with cheating on me, dear? That I wouldn’t find out? You aren’t nearly clever enough to hide that from me. In fact, I’ve got proof and I will show it to everyone, unless you do exactly what I want. What I want is for you to put on this thick, pink abdl diaper! I want to make you sure that won’t be able to cheat again, even if you try. No woman will fuck you if they have to untape your diaper first! I know that you will get upset and want to take the diaper off, so I will put a pair of lockable plastic pants over your diaper so you won’t even have the option. I will have the key, and I won’t use it until it’s time to change your dirty diaper! Are you ready for my female domination of you? Call me so I can listen to you beg.


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Crissy’s ABDL Time

Gather round for Mommy Crissy’s abdl story time with one of my abdls here for some diaper humiliation phone sex and man do I have a story to tell you and the entire abdl phone sex community! Well it all started when my little adult baby diaper lover thought it would be funny to take off his dirty adult diaper before I had the chance to even change it! So I spent half of the morning looking for his adult poopy undiapered bottom and when I finally found him you know what I did? I stuck his poopy adult pamper right back on and took him all the way to the mall so I could change that stinky poopy adult diaper right in front of all your friends! Once they all see their tough guy friend in a big poopy diaper getting changed by his adult baby phone sex mommy.



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Cuckold Bitch

You literally are the perfect example to why most women have to resort to cuckold phone sex to get any sort of pleasure or release. See guys like you are only good for one thing. Money. Beautiful women like us know that we’re your weakness but other than a fat bank account you really have nothing more to offer us. You seem to be lacking in a certain region if you catch my drift. As a matter of fact if it weren’t for your money and credit cards women like me wouldn’t even bother looking in your direction I hope you know that! You think we’re married and that ensures our happily ever after but no that only ensures my bills are being paid. And like the good little husband you are you’re going to let me do whatever it is I may please in our bed with whomever I choose because you’re my domination phone sex bitch. (check out part two here!) Ava


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Girl Time!

Me and my girlfriends decided we wanted to have some personal time together. So we thought slumber party was the best idea. So we dress up in our sexiest lingerie and sluttiest high heels. You have to understand my girlfriends are the sexiest PHONESEX FUCKSLUTS you have ever seen. I made sure to make all of our favorite adult drinks slippery nipples and pink pussies. And I have set up some super fun games for us to play like twister and pillow fights. The only problem is whenever we start those sexy games we never end up finishing them one of my sexy PHONE SEX WHORE friends always end up brining out our favorite pink vibrator and the games change into a big fuck fest. The lingerie ends up coming off and everyone ends up with a mouth full off the yummiest sissy you could every dream of. Won’t you come have fun with me and my girls at our slumber party. Give me a call
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Sadist Crissy

I’ve had the greatest epiphany last week and I finally got to put my deviant plan into action! The idea came to me from one of my girlfriends. She’s also in the process of cuckolding her husband and turning him into her little fluffer bitch. She told me next time my husband asked about why I wouldn’t fuck him anymore to go ahead and invite over all the bigger dicked masculine lovers I’ve been giving myself to instead. She said I should line them all up from thickest biggest cock to smallest cock which would inevitably end with my husband’s sad excuse of a cock. I would then proceed to tell him to look at every single cock in the room that’s more appealing and able to satisfy and proceed to ask him if he was a girl why he would go for a cock like his when there’s an abundance of more worthy cocks out there. It’s going to be some fun emasculation phone sex for him!



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