Tales Of An ABDL Phone Sex Lover

It’s another little adult baby tales with one of my abdls for some diaper humiliation phone sex and man do I have a story to tell you and the entire abdl phone sex community! Well it all started when my little adult baby diaper lover thought it would be funny to take off his dirty adult diaper before I had the chance to even change it! So I spent half of the morning looking for his adult poopy undiapered bottom and when I finally found him you know what I did? I stuck his poopy adult pamper right back on and took him all the way to the mall so I could change that stinky poopy adult diaper right in front of all your friends! Once they all see their tough guy friend in a big poopy diaper getting changed by his adult baby phone sex mommy.



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Mommy Ava The Role Play Phone Sex Babysitter

So I get this call and he says he’s a diaper lover and he asks me if I would be his babysitter instead of his mommy.  I love role-play phone sex and mommy is only one of the many roles I like to play.  I myself love to wear and use my adult diapers, I also love diaper sex and using diaper humiliation with adult babies, diaper lovers and sissy babies. I love to put you in a diaper with plastic pants and a sweet little onesie.  I love taking good care of my adult babies, whether its being your mommy, aunt, nanny or sitter.  I know how badly you want and need to be treated like a little adult baby and made to go in your diaper. Sometimes you have to talk to someone who understands your abdl phone sex needs; when that time comes I’m here for you



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Brenda’s Diapered Sissy Boy!

What are you doing in my closet, my cute little phone sex abdl?  Are you trying on Mommy’s slips and dresses again?  Goodness, you even have on some of my prettiest heels!  I know I should be upset about you going through my things, but you just look so cute!  Since this isn’t the first time, you must really like to wear girly things, don’t you? Then I think the best thing to do is to take you shopping!  I am going to get you so many beautiful things…dresses, petticoats, stockings, anklets, heels, and slippers and so much more!  You won’t be able to get out of those diapers though, so you will just have to be my very own diapered sissy boy!  I will even get you some extra stretchy rhumba panties to go over your thick diapers, and keep you in short dresses so that everyone can see!  Would you like to hear more about what I would do to you? Call me for some diaper sissy phone sex!



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ABDL Diaper Change

Oh My! Mommy smells a poo poo, I think my ABDL baby made a surprise for mommy or a big mess. I walked over to my baby as he was playing in his room, I could smell him from the hallway before I walked in the room. As I walked in I noticed he was facing the wall with his back towards me and at that point I instantly knew he was up to no good. I leaned over and saw his hands in his dirty adult diaper. I shouted ” What are you doing ?!” and he turned is head and just smiled and was completly covered in poo poo.  I thought it it was so cute and dirty at the same time, I went to go pick him up and his whole diaper just fell off and all I saw was a little pee pee covered in stinky poo. My baby boy must have a bath with alot of bubbles, mommy needs to scrub all the poo off  and have him smelling like a sweet little guy. Mommy may need some help putting lotion on with his diaper and his oneies. Call Me for some ABDL Phone Sex and let mommy bath and clean you up.



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Adult Baby Wetting Accident Part 3

After school is over and everyone laughed at you all day you come back to the house to find that mommy really did hire and Abdl Baby Sitter and much more to your embarrassment she is going to be taking care of you while be live on a webcam for the whole world to see, including your abdl mommy at work! The babysitter walks over and grabs the front of your diaper and feels around and said see why you belong in diapers just like a baby! Because this adult diaper is filled! So lay down and she procedes to change you and you start seeing some of the comments and they laughing at what a small pee-pee you have! And you’re so humiliated that you can feel tears going up into your eyes! Aww look the little baby is going to cry ! Hahahah how adorable here is a binky to suck on! Call me for some Humiliation Phone Sex!



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Adult Baby Birthday Party!

Now here is a list of all of your friends that you wanted to be here and now it’s time to get everything set up and you can go pick out what you want to wear to go swimming in our pool. Now your Abdl mommy is going to go and start blowing up your balloons and finish setting all of your presents out! And pretty soon your guests are going to start showing up for your birthday party and oh I almost forgot I need to order the pizza for the food! Now let’s go get you dressed in your pretty party dress and you matching  adult diaper! And pretty stockings! Now we are going to slip on your petticoat and then your dress and look how big the bow it has! Is that the door bell? I think so why don’t you go answer it and see who is here and give them the guest goodie bags! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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