Mommy Knows Your Secret!

Mommy knows all about your secret. It’s not hard to see with someone as obvious as you. I know how much you love adult baby phone sex. Your wife thought your children needed a baby sitter but turns out it’s you who needs to be babysat! You saw me changing that diaper. How careful and caring I was taking care of that mess. I knew you longed to be the one on the changing table with his legs sprawled up in the air. Is that why you called me over while your wife and kids were out? You said you needed a baby sitter but nobody is home but you! You must be the big adult baby who needs to be taken care of. Are you wearing your diaper for me? Did you make a mess in it too? Well you called the right baby sitter because I am an expert in messy diapers! So lay back and lets get that mess off your bottom and talk some more about abdl phone sex.



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