Stealing Diapers

I can’t believe what you did adult baby phone sex lover. When I was out at work you decided to have a little fun didn’t you? Oh the baby sitter told me ALLLLL about you. When you were supposed to be in time out for being naughty you decided to take it upon yourself and go into your little sisters bedroom? And not only did you leave your time out corner and sneak in her room you decided to go through mommys diaper bag and steal all of your little sisters adult diapers? You know she needs them because she can’t go potty in the toilet like a big girl! And you just wanted to steal them for fun?! I think from now on you’re going to be wearing nothing but diapers you big diaper lover phone sex boy!
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Tell me what it is you like so much about being an adult baby phone sex lover? Do you like it when mommy takes care of you? Maybe when mommy picks you up and puts you on the changing table for a diaper change? When mommy pulls your diaper off and slides a fresh new one under that bare bottom? Or do you like it when mommy wipes your bottom clean and sprinkles baby powder all over you? Or maybe it’s the fresh feeling of a brand new diaper on your bottom right after mommy’s changed you. Maybe after your diaper change mommy can give you some mommy milk. Is that your favorite thing about being an ABDL? Do you like it when mommy feeds you mommy milk? Mommy will feed you lots of mommy milk during our abdl phone sex session!
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ABDL Porn Fetish!!

Just how much do you love to watch your favorite abdl porn? I bet you get hard anytime that you start to think about it! What do you like the most? Do you watch diaper masturbation? Make yourself cum while watching some diapered adult baby rub themselves through their thick diaper? How about two adult babies stroking and rocking their diapers against each other, their crotches sliding hard and fast? A horny, hot abdl milf that teases and forces some poor fellow into a diaper, straps him down, and does whatever she pleases with him? You like to watch all of it, don’t you? You would like to do it all yourself even better, and who could blame you? Especially getting a wicked Mommy to play with you! I know I would tease and taunt you till you were a begging, sweating mess! Why don’t you call me for your own abdl phonesex, tell me more about what you like to watch?



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Stinky Diaper Baby

Uh-Oh you naughty adult baby, don’t you hide that diapered bottom from Mommy! I can smell that stinky ab diaper from here, pee-euw! I don’t care one bit that we are out in public, shopping for new outfits for baby, I’m going to change you right here. Little babies don’t get any say in where their AB Mommy changes them and I’ve got my diaper bag right here, all ready to take care of that messy bottom. I can see you hiding behind the clothes racks, my little stinker thinks he’s being just so sneaky but that poopy diaper smell is something you just can’t hide from. I know you’re going to pout when I scoop you up, but Mommy knows best and its time to change that messy diaper. No buts, just your bare bottom being cleaned and diapered by Mommy Jackie.

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Nurse Janey Will See You Now Part 5

“Once a week, and any time you feel this conditioning slipping, you will have an uncontrollable urge to come here and ask to be made more of a sissy baby. You will also tell us anything you did during the week that you think was bad, and you will ask for punishment.” She added that last part for two reasons. One, it would increase your dependency, if you actually ask to be punished. Two – she thought it would just be entertaining. “When I say we are all finished, you will come out of trance, but all your conditioning will remain in place. You will feel refreshed and believe you are doing so well after coming here.” Mistress Janey looks at you, thinking for a few more seconds, then says, “We are all finished.” You snap to attention – your mind must have wandered for a minute there. “Do you need to do anything in there?” Nurse Janey asks, curiously. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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Mommy’s Pantie Drawer

As I walk into my bedroom I can see your little adult baby diapered bottom waggling up in the air. My naughty adult baby is on all fours, giggling to himself and playing all of my pretty panties. What a bad baby! Mommy’s pretty, satin and lace panties aren’t for nosy little babies to help themselves to! You can hear me behind you now, snapping you out of your silky pantie reverie. Do you have anything to say for yourself, little mister? No? What is this big mess, just what did you think you were doing? You get that diapered tushie right over here and tell Mommy how sorry you are for making such a big mess with my pretties. Mommy can’t keep catching you like this, baby, I don’t think a scolding will be enough. Get your bottom ready for a spanking from your strict adult baby mommy.

Mommy Jackie

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