Sweet Like Sugar

I love being the vixen who gets to toy around with older men! I love me some sugar daddies! That’s why I use those clueless old men to fuel my financial domination fetish. You see, I know I’m hot. I’m petite perky breasts, red hair and a smile that will make you melt. I use all of those things to my advantage. It’s not my fault men are stupid enough to fall for it so in a way they deserve it don’t you think? Yes that’s right I make these men think I’m their one and only while casually draining them of all their bank funds and disappearing when they’re broke. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Sometimes if they have families I’ll extort them and threaten to give pictures to their wives if they don’t pay up. That part gets me even wetter. I guess I love blackmail phone sex too!



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Mommies Humiliation

Do you have a fantasy that you dream about happening all the time and would love for one day to come true? You fantasize about visiting mommy when she is having a group of her friends over, this is over five or more women that she has brought to the party, but what you don’t know is mommy invited them  to help changing you into their phone sex adult baby.

You dream about being forced to strip naked, and being placed over mommy’s lap for a abdl spanking until your are red. Then the ladies take turns spanking my rump until you start speaking in baby babble. Carrying you onto a changing table, giving you a suppository then diapering you with a thick diaper that makes you waddle. Now it is time to play dress up with you, putting you in a dress, leggings, gloves and boots, along with a wig, bonnet and makeup to turn you into a baby girl.

The ladies start to laugh and giggle, calling you their little adult baby girl as you crawl on the floor. they each take turns holding and caring for me. The ladies decide when they are done playing, they place you  in a locked crib and agree to come back tomorrow for even more playtime. How many of you have these fantasies like this?



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Diaper Domination Play

Now you are finally laying on the floor in your diaper, just like I wanted, with me towering over you. You watch as I lift up one of my sexy bare feet and press it to the front of your diaper, directly over your cock. Now, I thought that you were blushing out of embarrassment, but this hard dick underneath my foot tells me something else! Or is it both? Are you embarrassed over how excited you are to see my toes spread across the front of your diaper-covered crotch? Is your breath starting to sputter and gasp because I’m sliding my foot up and down your diaper, from the base all the way to the leaking tip of your cock? I’m going to stroke you like this until you cum moaning, until you soak the inside if the diaper with your jizz. I won’t be able to stop myself from laughing at just how pathetic you are! Want to read the first part of this fetish fantasy? Click here to find out how this started. Better yet, call me so I can tell you what else I might to do you.



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Drinking Mommy’s Milk Pt 3

Adult baby Charlie noticed too, and seeing Mommy reach between her thighs, plus that delicious sensation of being latched on to her tasty pink nipples, had his little pee pee standing at attention inside his crinkly adult baby diapers. He sucked harder on Mommy, loving the little moans it elicited and wriggling in her lap, demanding more attention. It hadn’t escaped her notice at all, but his adult baby mommy domme just loved to tease baby Charlie, and today was no exception to that. She caressed his little bulge through his diaper while he pushed up against her hand, whimpering for her. Mommy pushed his paci into her wet pink pussy, pulling it out and replacing her nipple in his mouth with the pacifier, now soaked with mommy’s pussy juice. Baby Charlie’s little pee pee was twitching and dribbling now, needing to cum for Mommy. Click HERE to talk to a phone sex Mommy 1-888-430-2010

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Sissy Training

It‘s time for my little sissy baby girl to learn all about pleasing a real man. That’s right! I know your such a little sissy pussy baby ABDL. But today is going to be your first lesson on doing to a real man what sissy bitch pussy baby’s must do! Mommy is going to put on a huge hot pink strap on cock. And dress you in her prettiest panty and bra set. Then you’re going to get on your knees in front of mommy so you are level with her big cock. Then mommy will teach you how to use your mouth to suck on that huge cock the same way you suck on your big pacifier. But this time mommy is going to shove her big cock all the way down your throat till you gag on it over and over again. Its time you learn how to please a man my sweet ABDL. If you want to hear more. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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I Love Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is here and all of us ABDL MOMMY’S I’m so excited . Because this is our day, a day when our babies get to tell us just how much they appreciate us as Mommy’s. Sometimes babies bring us flowers sometimes they bring us chocolates, sometimes they even buy lingerie so that we can put them on underneath our beautiful dresses. Of course most babies later on get caught smelling the dirty lingerie that they bought us but we Mommy’s can’t help but love them anyway! Such naughty little ABDL BABIES sneaking into mommy’s dirty laundry smelling her panties and trying them on. But on Mother’s Day all we ABDL MOMMY’S really think Bout is how lucky we are to have such precious little angels. Being a Mommy is a tough job but we love to do it! If you want to hear more  call



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