Looky Here

PHONESEXWell looky here, someone woke up from their nap early. Are you hungry sweet adult baby? You must be hungry, you have been asleep for almost 4 hours let’s go put you in your high chair. Now mommy is going to go make you some baby food! I walk back from the kitchen and place on your bib and slowly feed you. As I am feeding I take my hand and start rubbing  the front of your adult baby diaper! You start giggling, “What’s so funny?” I feed you another bite and rub you again, you giggle once more, “you keep giggling like that missy and I and will do it faster, now focus on eating!” I fill the spoon with another bite of carrots and then I rub your diaper again and notice you trying not to giggle but you starting to wiggle with enjoyment so I get faster with my hand. Call me for some ABDL phone sex!
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