Abdl Mommy Janey The Persuader!

Abdl Mommy Janey talks me into the most embarrassing things. Last week, she got me to go outside in just a diaper and pink top. I would have argued, but she is Mommy. She authoritatively put me on my back on the bed, stripped me of my clothes, and then lifted my legs to put the thick adult diaper on me. She had me lift my hips several times so she could adjust the diaper to her liking, then rubbed in baby oil and powder – which means she expects me to wet it – before pulling the front up through my legs and taping it tightly – so tightly, it seems like she might break the tapes off!  I am then led down the hallway, and right out the door into a quiet parking lot. I feel so exposed standing out here while Mommy Janey smokes her cigarette, but when someone pulls up in a truck, she comes to stand in front of me, letting me know I am safe. She has got me to go out in diapers, get a spanking, change in public restrooms, buy embarrassing things, and wear a bib in restaurants.  I don’t know why I put up with it! I am a man, not a baby!!! …… Excuse me, it is time for me to call Mommy Janey again….. For some Abdl Sex Talk



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