ABDL Roleplay

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I get so many requests for mommy phone sex, or ABDL phone sex focusing on mommy, but what I think we all forget from time to time is just how many fun scenes we can roleplay with each other that are still very much involved in the ABDL life style and the favorite adult baby diaper change scenario included. I love to get creative and keep things fresh and interesting for both of us to have the best time with each other! I love all of my Abies and I enjoy the two of us tossing around new ways for us to play!

What if just for tonight, I wasn’t mommy? What if we were in school together, classmates and friends and spent lots of time together. You are a bit younger than I am, and it shows. I am more developed, more mature. Probably in part because you’re a boy, of course! Our parents went on vacation with one another, and we are each watching our homes while they are away. We have our houses to ourselves for a whole week! We are so excited and have been spending more time with each other since then. It is the second night of our own vacation from our parents, and you come down with the flu… Oh no!

Without parents, being sick is even more miserable than usual and you have no one to rely on. No one except me that is! What would you do without me there to take such good care of you while our parents are away? You sleep in my bed because you don’t feel good, and I set up a bedroll on the floor so I can be close to you during the night. The next day, you are still sick and weak. You get hungry and attempt to get out of bed. I come and scold you for straining yourself when you are so weak, and then I run off to make you some dinner and bring it to you in bed where you wait for me. I feed it to you bite by bite, making sure you finish everything so you can get your strength back. I tuck you in and lay down on my pallet on the floor next to you and we both drift off to sleep after I tell you one of my favorite stories.

I wake up with a start, hearing you cry out in your sleep and the rustling of sheets as you toss and turn in fear. My motherly instincts kick in despite our teen ages and I scramble onto your bed, taking your head in my arms and letting it rest on my breasts as I hold you close and talk softly to you while you try and calm down. In your movements, I notice you wearing a diaper and I look at you with a soft smile. I nod and feeling the front of it, I can tell how damp it is just from the soft brush of my fingertips across the outside of the diaper. Let’s get you into something fresh and clean and put you back to bed, baby.

We’ll have you feeling healthy again in no time when I have so much love and attention to give you!



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