Abdl Spanked At Daycare!

Ronnie pouted in his car seat, his bottom lip sticking out and his arms crossed over his chest as he watched Aunt Brenda walk around the car to get him out of the backseat. He was not happy! It was bad enough that he was back in diapers, like some sort of adult baby, and that she had bought him abdl onesies, some pacifiers, even some adult-sized baby mittens and booties. All because he had a few accidents while he was sleeping and wet the bed, who cares? Maybe the accident he had while standing in front of her would be worth getting a little upset about, but all this was too much. Now she was saying that he couldn’t be left alone anymore, that it isn’t safe for babies, so he had to stay in a daycare when she went to work! It must be something about wearing all these baby things, but he ended up having a tantrum, fussing and crying about it, but it didn’t do any good at all.

Aunt Brenda opened his car seat and laughed at the expression on his face. “Look at that lip! You’re going to trip over it before we even get inside.” She grabbed the pacifier clipped onto his onesie and popped it into his mouth. “Suck on that, it might keep your lip tuck in. Now, upsidaisy, it’s time to get inside!” Despite his mutterings around the pacifier, he was soon pushed and prodded into the daycare, the smell of baby powder and cookies the first thing he noticed. A smiling woman came from around the corner, welcoming them and soon leading them towards the nursery. He was told to sit down and play with the little babies while the grownups talked, and Aunt Brenda must have put something in his milk bottle, because he did just that! But the more she chatted with the daycare lady, the more annoyed and angrier he got. This was ridiculous, he wasn’t a baby! Just as she leaned down to kiss him on the cheek before she left, he grabbed a rattle, and threw it down on the floor, ready to scream and holler about everything… but the rattle bounced off the floor and right into a little toddler girl’s face!

Ronnie stopped in shock and reached his hand out to check that she was all right, ready to apologize… but he was jerked up before he could! Aunt Brenda marched him over to the side, sat down, jerked his diaper down, and pulled him across her lap. Before he could say anything else, she was giving him a bare bottom spanking him right there in front of everyone! The older kids out of diapers started laughing, teasing him for being such a big baby, and it wasn’t long before he was bawling more out of embarrassment than anything else. Aunt Brenda finally stopped, stood him back up, and pulled his diaper back over his bottom. She told him that if he didn’t behave himself today, he could expect to get another spanking as soon as he got home!

Aunt Brenda


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