Abdl Training Sex Talk Part 3

No … she would have to use the new Sissy training method on Candace, to make sure to remove all vestiges of any mind of her own. And then … well, a lot of her clientele were looking for  Adult baby BOYS. Candace, however, would make a most WONDERFUL ……. she opened the wardrobe in her room and smiled as she eyed a PVC maid’s outfit. Yes, that looked like it was just about Candace’s size. Abdl Sitter Janey was super excited to see Candace wear this adorable outfit while she did her list of chores that Janey had written for her to complete for her and her friends amusement and after they are completed she would be rewarded for her hard work. Once she woke up for her nap, i went in her abdl nursery and got her dressed in that sissy maid dress and her tights and shoes and then gave her the list of chores to complete. Embarrassment rushed over her face Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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