Adult Baby Birthday Party!

Now here is a list of all of your friends that you wanted to be here and now it’s time to get everything set up and you can go pick out what you want to wear to go swimming in our pool. Now your Abdl mommy is going to go and start blowing up your balloons and finish setting all of your presents out! And pretty soon your guests are going to start showing up for your birthday party and oh I almost forgot I need to order the pizza for the food! Now let’s go get you dressed in your pretty party dress and you matching  adult diaper! And pretty stockings! Now we are going to slip on your petticoat and then your dress and look how big the bow it has! Is that the door bell? I think so why don’t you go answer it and see who is here and give them the guest goodie bags! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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