Adult Baby Diaper Change

abdl phone sex

There’s nothing that I love more than some good old fashioned adult baby diaper change phone sex! I have lots of adult babies and diaper lovers I’m proud to call my own and they always have a messy surprise in their adult diapers for me! An abdl mommy’s job is never done! Well first things first we need to get you up on that changing table don’t we? There we go now let’s get those legs up in the air and get that diaper off! Pee yes that’s a messy adult diaper! Let’s lift my adult babies little legs up from off the diaper while mommy slides a brand new one under there for you! That way my adult baby boy won’t have a diaper rash! There we go now we just need some baby powder on that hiney and my adult baby phone sex lover should be good as new!



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