Age Playing with Persia

I really relish in all of the fantasy play that I do with all of my ABDLs as it is a vital part of the well being for their lives. Our play time is always special and I have unique experiences with each and every single one of my adult baby diaper lovers.

Some of my ABDLs enjoy brown showers and golden showers while others may enjoy small penis humiliation and sissy hypnosis. At times some may want to age regress and be punished while others may want to suck and fill their bellies with mommy’s warm and creamy breast milk.

Whether I chose to play with them in the morning noon or night – each playtime is customized for each ABDL baby abdl babies is Persia – she has long dark hair that covers her ass, piercing blue eyes, small and perky tits and a very pretty shaved cunt.

She is young, beautiful and very obedient and follows all of my instructions with no hesitation as she knows that I am her abdl mommy and whatever I advise her to do she must follow as it is for her own benefit – and of course mine as well.

As an abdl mommy of Persia I always make sure that she remains in her diapers at all times whenever she is in the house and also when she has to go outside. She wears the prettiest of diapers – which are always colorful and bright and when she smiles as she wears them she lights up the room with her joy.

She is an adult baby diaper lover and that is something that will never change. She goes to sleep at night in her abdl crib after I breast feed her, sing her stories and tuck her underneath her blanket.

Before I do all of that I always ensure that my abdl girl has a fresh diaper change because her diaper is usually very soggy and filled with piss. She has the most perfect little pussy with the tiniest clit and her inner lips spill out as if they are saying hello.

Out of that sweet little cunt pours out a hot stream of light yellow piss and she always fills her diaper to the maximum amount. She does not get changed right away as she likes the warm feeling against her pussy.

It is akin to a heating pad in her cunt and she says that it feels really good. There are even times where she would stick her finger in her cunt and feel her pussy lips and her clit as she would rub herself over and over again until she would orgasm in her diaper.

She would gyrate so violently and scream to the top of her lungs when she climaxed that the entire neighborhood would clearly hear her screams of intense pleasure.

And when she goes away on trips for her job and calls me from her hotel and we have hottest ageplay phone sex and she will also scream to the top of her lungs.



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