Age Regressed By His Neighbor! (part 2)

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(first part) Brenda picked George out of the crib, her hands under his armpits, dangling him up while she and all her friends cooed and awed over him. She pulled him towards her, and started to sniff around his crotch and he realized with humiliation that she was smelling piss from the wet diaper he had woken up in. All the women started to laugh, teasing about how it’s past time for the baby to get a diaper change. Before he knew it he was on a changing table, the wet diaper whipped off while Brenda grabbed his ankles to lift his bottom up wipe him down in front of everyone! None of his fussing or squirming made a difference though, all that did was make them giggle at his antics and tell him that if he misbehaves too much there just might be a spanking in his future. Would you be horrified if this happened to you? Or excited? Call me for some age regression phone sex to let me know!

Aunt Brenda


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