Be Good For the Sitter

Mommy has to run out for the day, so you will have an abdl babysitter to watch over you and take care of you while mommy’s gone. Now you be good and do everything the babysitter tells you.

She is completely aware of your lifestyle and is ready to take good care of you. Mommy has made sure that you are well stocked up on wipes, powder and diapers.

Through abdl roleplay you can embrace your baby side and let all your inhibitions go. Become the best baby ever! Mommy decided to make this a special day and set up a play date while you are being babysat.

Your babysitter is one of mommy’s closest friends and she has a little one of her own she is going to bring. You two should get along great and play very well together.

Her little one is an abdl sissy, and you two can play dress up. Now you both will probably be curious about each other, and inevitably what’s in those diapers is going to make an appearance. Don’t be scared if you look different down there, it’s nothing to be alarmed about.

Mommy just knows you will have fun while she’s gone. And when mommy gets home, mommy will reward you for being such a good adult baby. Maybe a new toy, or an ice cream, or a new outfit…

It will be something perfect for you. But if you’re a bad baby and disobey the babysitter, then mommy will be giving you something completely different. Perhaps a time-out, or no cartoons, or no dessert or worse yet, a spanking!

How will you choose to behave for the sitter? Will you be good or will you be bad? Will you be a sweet little angel or a mischievous little devil? Hmmm…

How mommy treats you when she gets home will be based upon how you treat the baby sitter while mommy is gone. Remember mommy said you have to do everything the babysitter tells you.

And I mean everything! No matter what it is, regardless of what you want. What she says goes! Just pretend the babysitter is mommy and you have to do as you’re told.

Mommy’s friend is stern but also very nice too. You will have lots of fun with her and her baby. And then we can all hang out together for future fun. Mommies and babies… yay!

Okay sweetie, Mommy Candy has to go now, but here is your babysitter…

Mommy checks your diaper one more time before she leaves, kissing you on the tip of your cute little nose as she turns to leave. Be good baby! Mommy will be back before you even miss her.

Mommy Candy is available 24/7 to take care of all of baby’s needs. Anything and everything baby’s little heart desires. Call now and let mommy baby you!

Mommy Candy


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