Charlotte Rae My Sweet ABDL Girl

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Charlotte Rae is my sweet abdl girl and she is sitting on my lap right now in her comfy diaper as she feeds from my breasts. It feels so good the way she sucks from my mammary glands and relaxes herself in my arms when she does it. My arms is where she loves to be where I can comfort her and caress her and I accept her just the way she is.

She gently bites down on my nipple, not hard at all to make it hurt but enough to make my nipple get hard. I love to caress her face and look into her eyes as she feeds from me as it calms her down and makes her feel good.

I love being the abdl mommy that nurtures my baby and when she is sad I love to make her feel better. When she cries, I love to wipe her tears away and sing her songs to make her relax. She loves the nursery rhymes and she sings along to every single song.

It’s like me and her have an abdl mommy tumblr relationship where every week it is something different. I recall the week before when we were at the bathtub together and we were taking turns eating each other’s pussies and finger fucking each other’s assholes.

Then I had her open up wide where I inserted a dildo into her cunt and fucked her rapidly through a heap of soapy water and sudsy bubbles. The water would splash back and forth and her moans of pleasure would send shockwaves through her body and she would fling her head back and hold on to the edges of the bathtub and release all of her cunt juices into the bathtub.

After she came in the bathtub we would go to the bedroom and lay our wet bodies on the floor and make sweet love on the faux fur bear skin rug. My abdl girl is so enticing and hot and I love the way our soft bodies rub up and we entangle each other on the floor. She would ask for more as the sex feels so good and I would make her beg in a way that teased her and I would give her more of my sweet abdl mommy sex.

I would need to feed her my cunt as it is nutritious and gives her life and she would have to lick at it and nibble it up and that would please me to totality. Over and over again my cunt would glide all over her face and she would keep it there while I rode her face. Slipping and sliding and rubbing and gliding my sweet and soft pussy lips all over her face is what I would do. And as she sucks my pussy I would make sure to reward her too. My ass is the reward for her to eat and she would eat it up as if it was a sundae treat. Charlotte Rae is indeed my sweet abdl lover and I am so very glad to be her abdl mother.



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