Diaper Fun Reward! (part 2)

You were a good abdl boy! Now you get to play with Baby Barbie! What do you think you would like to do first? Oh, look at her face! She was already blushing, but know she’s bright red and fidgeting. Press your hand against the front of her diaper, I want you to feel it as her diaper gets warmer and a lot wetter! I knew that little scrunched up look on her face meant she could tell that she’d had an accident. She still gets embarassed every now and then, so why don’t you show her how good those soaking wet diapers can feel? Press the heel of your hand against her pussy and firmly stroke it up and down through the pissy diaper, stopping occasionally to focus all that pressure on her swollen little clittie to make her moan like a greedy whore. Go ahead and click here to read the first part, and right here to find out what happens next! Better yet, call me for some naughty diaper boy phonesex to find out what might happen to you.



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