Dommy Mommy’s Shitty Sissy

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Dommy Mommy and her sissy looked online for hours until we saw the perfect frilly pink sissy dress and we made sure that it was express delivered to the house the very next day. I felt that my little sissy deserved to be dressed up all pretty in pink because she was such a very good girl. I also wanted to order gloves also just to top off the pretty outfit for my little pretty princess. As soon as the package arrived, my little sissy ripped open the box and she wore this little dress all day long and felt so very pretty in it. My sissy did the catwalk around the house like she was a little fashion model. Mommy and sissy also played tea cup party with her little dolls and Mommy and sissy did each other’s hair and also the hair of the dolls around the house as well. Both Mommy and sissy were having a wonderful time until… sissy messed up the moment by shitting herself all in her pamper while wearing her pretty frilly pink dress! Dommy Mommy could not believe it, it was so very upsetting for baby to spoil the mood and Mommy decided that it was time to punish her little sissy. It is only fair for sissy to remain in her pink dress with shit all over herself and continue to play with Mommy. The more my little sissy begged to be changed the more that Mommy ignored her pleas for a diaper change. “I want you to stay in the shit and continue to play with Mommy and you will not complain. You are a shitty little sissy slut and your bottom will remain saturated in shit as you feel so uncomfortable and un-pretty while you continue to play with Mommy. You will force a smile on your face and pretend to enjoy yourself all while feeling the runny shit up against your ass in your diaper. And Mommy will enjoy every moment of this humiliation while we play all day while you remain in your shitty pamper.” After hours of this type of diaper punishment, Mommy finally decided that it was time to change her little shitty sissy and put her in a fresh clean diaper and a pink frilly panty underneath her pink frilly dress and my sissy baby promised that she would never ever shit herself again without asking Mommy permission to do poopy in her pamper.



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