Everything Pink

Humiliating phone sex

So you don’t like the diapers mommy got you because they have pink on them? Well guess what? You don’t get to choose what diapers you wear. Just for being so ungrateful all the diapers you’re gonna wear from now will have flowers and sissy girl things. I’m going to force you to wear those frilly pink dresses you hate so much. Force you to walk around in a pink tutu diaper cover. Make you my little Sissy slut. You can fuss and cry all you want. You’ll never get those covers off with a chastity secured tightly on you. And when you start to beg mommy to take off the chastity I’m going to laugh at you and call your friends over to laugh at your pretty sissy ass in a soiled diaper. Even their mommies will come in and join the fun. We can even put on a play for them! Dress you up in the prettiest ballerina tutus! Call me for some fun humiliating phone sex!



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