Forced To Wear Diapers Humiliation

forced to wear diapers, diaper fetish, domination

Katie reached for another baby wipe, laughing at him, telling him that he was silly for still insisting that he was a grown man. Did a grown adult wet their bed like he did? Greg closed his eyes in embarrassment, wanting to move, knowing he should get up, tell her and her friends how ridiculous they were acting. Sure, he had a little accident, wet the bed a little bit but he got toasted last night! He told them he didn’t know what the big deal was, it was just once (even though it wasn’t; he wasn’t going to tell them that though), but before he knew it they had his clothes off of him, teasing and mocking him for wetting himself like a baby. If he was going to wet himself like a baby, they said, shouldn’t he be treated like a baby? Now here he was, laid out on the guest bed with two women holding up his legs, one each, and Katie in between his spread thighs while she cleaned him up with the baby wipes! They all giggled at him, and only thing he could do was lay there and whimper.  The rustle of a disposable diaper made his eyes pop open(why did she even have adult diapers?!) and he watched in humiliation while a thick diaper was slipped underneath his bottom. Katie grabbed the baby powder and proceeded to shake so much onto him that his hips were immersed in a little cloud of powder! She finished putting the diaper on, taping it around his waist nice and tight, snickering at him all the while.  Do you get excited thinking about something like this happening to you? Call me and tell me everything! Just one phone call is all you need for some diaper humiliation phone sex.



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