How about a Halloween Party

diaper-boys phone sex

I know you haven’t had the greatest of weeks my love. I’m so sorry that your friends found out about that you’re a diaper lover and that I’m your ABDL Mommy. But look on the bright side, We can always convince your friends that being a diaper boy is really a fun thing. How about you invite them to and ABDL halloween party. We’ll make it a theme party! When we make the invitations we’ll sprinkle a little convincing powder into them so they can’t say no to coming. They will have to come. Everyone has to bring a adult diaper and be dressed as costume of choice. I’ll even invite my mommy friends to help with our guests! With each guest that shows up a mommy will force diaper them and then we can start the fun! How fun does that sound!?I can’t wait. You’re going to be the talk of the office, and I mean that in a good way baby!



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