Learning Lessons For Naughty Adult babies Part 1!

You told  Abdl Mommy you quit smoking. That was a lie, and she knew it, because she smelled it on you. You and your friend from work were still smoking cigarettes. That was a mistake, because your Mommy and his Mommy are friends! So, they devised a plan to teach you never to lie to your Mommies again! A little lesson in  abdl humiliation. When you left on your business trip, your bags were already packed by Mommy. When you got to your hotel, you learned that she replaced all your underpants with diapers and cute baby panties! Not only that, but you were locked out of your rooms by her request (payment held until you followed through), until you and your friend produced a photo of you in your diapers in the hotel hallway, with your cigarette packs in view as well. You would then go flush them down the potty – with more photo proof, and that was ALL the potty you would be seeing for the next week!! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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