Mommy’s Little Diaper Lover

Would you like to be one of mommy’s little diaper lovers? Mommy would love to strip you down and lay you back. Lifting your legs and feet into the air as mommy takes a cool crisp baby wipe to that little butt, between those cute cheeks and all the way to the front of baby.

Once mommy has you all cleaned up, it’s time to slide a soft thick diaper under you and powder you all up, nice and good. Making baby smell so fresh. Mommy just loves the smell of baby powder.

And a proper abdl definitely needs to smell like a little baby. Once mommy’s baby is all powdered, mommy bends your knees and spreads your thighs to close up that fat diaper.

Mommy smooths your diaper down over you and fastens one tab then the other. Mommy squeezes your diaper and wiggles it side to side, making sure baby’s diaper is nice and snug.

Now you are one of mommy’s diapered little ones. And you look so adorable in your crinkly diaper. Being an adult baby diaper lover is so much fun and can be so fulfilling. Baby can relax and let mommy take care of everything.

And mommy loves doing just that. Mommy will take care of all your needs. Baby will have nothing to worry about with mommy around. Mommy will check and change that diaper as needed. Mommy will give baby a bath when you get all yucky. And mommy will cuddle you and nurse you.

You will be snuggled against mommy’s ample bosom. Mommy will pull her top down and rub her hard nipple against your lips. Once you pull mommy’s nipple between your teeth then start sucking, warm sweet milk will squirt into your mouth for you to enjoy.

Mommy’s heavy full breasts are ready to fill baby’s belly so baby can fill that diaper for mommy. Then mommy gets to change that dirty diaper and clean baby all up. After all that’s what diapers are for.

And diapers are perfect for all of baby’s messes. From peepee, to poopy, to sticky cummies. Mommy loves when baby fills that diaper up, the fuller the better. And mommy definitely enjoys helping baby make stickies in that diaper.

Mommy is always available for her little ones. Do you have a fetish that you want to tell mommy all about? There’s always so much fun at that you will never want to leave.

And mommy is just a click away for some abdl chat, you can visit mommy and set up a personal text/chat session anytime. No need to worry about getting caught, mommy already knows how you are.

Mommy Candy is kind and gentle as needed and rough and kinky all the time. Mommy loves all fetishes and everything sexual. Mommy will have you begging for more, you will be putty in my hands. So come play with mommy today.

Mommy Candy

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