Naughty Fun With Your Auntie

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Timothy laid in his Aunt Brenda’s lap, his head resting against her arm while he sucked on her breast, his hands cupping and kneading it around his mouth. He giggled a bit when she ran her fingers lightly across his ribs, the sound muffled since he didn’t want to loosen his lips around her warm nipple and kept on giggling while her fingers crept down his tummy. That stopped, though, when she got down to his thick abdl diaper. She pressed her hand against his diaper, right over his peepee, and he couldn’t help but moan and squirm a bit. It just felt so good!  She laughed at his reaction, then slid her hand down further to tease her nails across the sensitive skin of his inner thighs.  He whimpered a little, then once he settled back down, she put her hand down inside his diaper! She wrapped her hand around his peepee, and it wasn’t very long before he was tingling and cum was spurting out over her hand and his diaper. She told him what a silly abdl he was and wiped her hand off on his baby bib. Would you like me to make you feel just as good? Call me for sexy auntie phone sex!



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