Victoria The Vixen

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You should have seen Victoria at the fashion show, she was phenomenal. She walked the runway like it was nobody business. I was so proud of her that I could not wait for us to go home and play. At home we played every scenario and it was always a lot of fun. Last week after I was finished looking at abdl mommy tumblr I was inspired to be her
abdl babysitter and it was so amazing.

I had to punish her for being a naughty little sissy because she decided to masturbate on my bed without my permission. I found the evidence of cum all over my bed and she denied that it was cum and lied to me and told me that it was oatmeal. I made her know that she lied to me and that since she was my little sissy abdl she knew that she had to do whatever I asked.

I had her bend over and have her back arched as I pushed a 12 inch didlo into her ass. I pushed it in nice and deep and had her rotate it in a circle formation. Every time I circled it inside of her ass, I pushed it in deeper. It tried to pop out a few times and had her tense up her ass cheeks.

Her clitty was getting so hard that I had her rub it over and over again… I wanted it to leak and drip like a faucet then I had her lick off the cum remnants with her finger. Her mouth was created to taste, lick and suck your own sticky cum. She took it in and smiled because she liked the taste.

Her role in life is to be a cum bucket. I had her repeat that she is a cum bucket. She is going to keep licking and sucking cum from yourself and also from strangers. Salty and sweet cum must be licked by her. It must never ever be wasted. If it were to have any cum fall on the floor she was told to get down on her knees and suck and lick it off the floor.

I especially like the moments when I have her take her panty off and jerk her little clitty cock with it. It felt so good to her that she yelped and screamed. I told her then it was time for her to be fisted. I turned her over and insert 4 fingers in her ass, and poke in and out with it. She felt a bit of pain but I had her lube up a bit and continue, then afterwards I had her add her thumb to the mix.

Then I had her bend her fingers so her fist closed and then she fucked herself slowly and gently with her fist closed. Then I had her tighten the fist and fuck and fuck her asshole with it. This is part of pain and pleasure for her to be fisted thoroughly and she cried tears of joy as she fucked herself in the ass with joy.



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Mommy Will Take Good Care Of You

Oh mommy’s cute little abdl girl, mommy just loves taking care of all your special needs. Mommy will hold you, rock you, love you and take such good care of you.

An abdl mommy is the best! They love to roleplay and will embrace all your fetishes and kinks. Mommy just loves a squishy diaper on a little bottom.

Nothing makes mommy smile bigger than a happy little diapered adult baby running around without a care in the world, because mommy is there to take care of everything for her sweet baby.

Mommy will cuddle you and breast feed you, mommy will bathe and diaper you, mommy will do it all and baby just has to enjoy themselves.

Have you ever just wanted to leave behind all that adulting and just be babied? Mommy Candy loves babies and would love to baby you. A happy diapered adult baby just warms mommy’s heart.

And the fun thing about being an adult baby, besides the being babied part, is the extra fun mommy and you can have. Baby getting excited when mommy changes that heavy full diaper.

Feeling the slide of the cool baby wipe over that little bottom, between those cute cheeks, up and over that swollen little kitty. Mommy just loves seeing your eyes close and your body shudder as you feel mommy’s hands.

Mommy will make you purr and coo for mommy, as mommy rubs your puffy lips and dips her fingers into your glistening wetness. Oh yes baby girl! That’s a good girl for mommy. Arch your back and spread your thighs. So pink and wet for mommy. Mommy just loves playing with her abdl.

For all you little ones looking for a mommy to take care of you, you can find lots of loving mommies all over. Abdl mommy tumblr, twitter, pinterest and so many more sites.

Mommies try to always be available for their little ones, to take the best care of them in every way possible. To make that special baby feel extra special.

Nothing makes a mommy happier then a happy satisfied adult baby. Mommy’s lap is always ready for a diapered little one. And mommy’s arms are made for hugging and cuddling.

Mommy will always love you and take care of you, and mommy never judges. Mommy accepts all of baby’s kinks and desires. And mommy will keep all of your naughty little secrets.

Whether your abdl fun is a lifestyle or just weekend play, Mommy Candy would love to join in… hehe. A diapered little one needs a mommy to take good care of them.

Don’t be shy around mommy. Embrace all that makes you happy and everything that gets you excited. And remember mommy will help you in anyway possible.

ABDL Mommy Candy


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Charlotte Rae My Sweet ABDL Girl

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Charlotte Rae is my sweet abdl girl and she is sitting on my lap right now in her comfy diaper as she feeds from my breasts. It feels so good the way she sucks from my mammary glands and relaxes herself in my arms when she does it. My arms is where she loves to be where I can comfort her and caress her and I accept her just the way she is.

She gently bites down on my nipple, not hard at all to make it hurt but enough to make my nipple get hard. I love to caress her face and look into her eyes as she feeds from me as it calms her down and makes her feel good.

I love being the abdl mommy that nurtures my baby and when she is sad I love to make her feel better. When she cries, I love to wipe her tears away and sing her songs to make her relax. She loves the nursery rhymes and she sings along to every single song.

It’s like me and her have an abdl mommy tumblr relationship where every week it is something different. I recall the week before when we were at the bathtub together and we were taking turns eating each other’s pussies and finger fucking each other’s assholes.

Then I had her open up wide where I inserted a dildo into her cunt and fucked her rapidly through a heap of soapy water and sudsy bubbles. The water would splash back and forth and her moans of pleasure would send shockwaves through her body and she would fling her head back and hold on to the edges of the bathtub and release all of her cunt juices into the bathtub.

After she came in the bathtub we would go to the bedroom and lay our wet bodies on the floor and make sweet love on the faux fur bear skin rug. My abdl girl is so enticing and hot and I love the way our soft bodies rub up and we entangle each other on the floor. She would ask for more as the sex feels so good and I would make her beg in a way that teased her and I would give her more of my sweet abdl mommy sex.

I would need to feed her my cunt as it is nutritious and gives her life and she would have to lick at it and nibble it up and that would please me to totality. Over and over again my cunt would glide all over her face and she would keep it there while I rode her face. Slipping and sliding and rubbing and gliding my sweet and soft pussy lips all over her face is what I would do. And as she sucks my pussy I would make sure to reward her too. My ass is the reward for her to eat and she would eat it up as if it was a sundae treat. Charlotte Rae is indeed my sweet abdl lover and I am so very glad to be her abdl mother.



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Playing With Mommy and Her Baby Girl!

Have you talked with Baby Barbie yet? I always love playing with her, she is such a naughty little abdl girl! She certainly loves to have fun, that’s for sure. She is ready and excited for just about any kind of fun that you can think of, the dirtier the better. A bit on the freaky side, to be honest, but that’s not a problem for a lot of Daddies and Mommies and abdl boys that I know. That’s usually a plus, but I’m sure you know that. Baby Barbie really can’t decide what her favorite game is, but she really enjoys teaching other babies all the ways that they can make each other feel really, really, really good. I love to join in on those games especially, so much fun! Fun to watch, fun to join, just a lovely form of entertainment. I can’t say enough good things about it.

We got to play with a brand new abdl just awhile ago, a baby named Patrick, he was a cute little booboo. He has been wearing diapers for a little bit, maybe not even a month, but he was already sure that he absolutely loved them. He wanted some help using it the way babies do, wetting it till it was soaked and heavy, but he was stilling feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. Problem with that was the fact that Barbie couldn’t keep her grasping hands to herself, and she took every opportunity to rub against his diaper. It didn’t take long at all for him to get so hard and excited that wetting himself became nearly impossible! I told Barbie that since she was the slutty little cause of this issue, she had to handle it herself. I’m sure you can imagine that she didn’t mind being told what to do about that!

She crawled towards him, licking her lips, and making his diaper bulge out just a teensy bit more. Once she was in between his thighs she bent forward and rubbed her cheek against that bulge like she was a slinky cat. The way Patrick moaned and jerked at that was so funny! When Barbie gets worked up herself, though, she doesn’t have the patience for a whole lot of teasing, so it wasn’t long before she was straddling his hips, rubbing her own wet diaper up against his, leaning back far enough for him to suck on her titties like she was the abdl mommy. Patrick looked very surprised when he finally came, and very happy about the whole thing. And when I gently laid my hand against his diaper, and encouraged him to wet his diaper, he didn’t have any issues at all. He was such a good baby! Good babies deserve to get rewarded; I firmly believe that, and Patrick certainly found that out for himself. I also believe that I could reward you for being good baby, me and Baby Barbie both if you are feeling adventurous. If you are, go ahead and call me for some age play phone sex and a lot of fun!

Aunt Brenda


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Age Playing with Persia

I really relish in all of the fantasy play that I do with all of my ABDLs as it is a vital part of the well being for their lives. Our play time is always special and I have unique experiences with each and every single one of my adult baby diaper lovers.

Some of my ABDLs enjoy brown showers and golden showers while others may enjoy small penis humiliation and sissy hypnosis. At times some may want to age regress and be punished while others may want to suck and fill their bellies with mommy’s warm and creamy breast milk.

Whether I chose to play with them in the morning noon or night – each playtime is customized for each ABDL baby abdl babies is Persia – she has long dark hair that covers her ass, piercing blue eyes, small and perky tits and a very pretty shaved cunt.

She is young, beautiful and very obedient and follows all of my instructions with no hesitation as she knows that I am her abdl mommy and whatever I advise her to do she must follow as it is for her own benefit – and of course mine as well.

As an abdl mommy of Persia I always make sure that she remains in her diapers at all times whenever she is in the house and also when she has to go outside. She wears the prettiest of diapers – which are always colorful and bright and when she smiles as she wears them she lights up the room with her joy.

She is an adult baby diaper lover and that is something that will never change. She goes to sleep at night in her abdl crib after I breast feed her, sing her stories and tuck her underneath her blanket.

Before I do all of that I always ensure that my abdl girl has a fresh diaper change because her diaper is usually very soggy and filled with piss. She has the most perfect little pussy with the tiniest clit and her inner lips spill out as if they are saying hello.

Out of that sweet little cunt pours out a hot stream of light yellow piss and she always fills her diaper to the maximum amount. She does not get changed right away as she likes the warm feeling against her pussy.

It is akin to a heating pad in her cunt and she says that it feels really good. There are even times where she would stick her finger in her cunt and feel her pussy lips and her clit as she would rub herself over and over again until she would orgasm in her diaper.

She would gyrate so violently and scream to the top of her lungs when she climaxed that the entire neighborhood would clearly hear her screams of intense pleasure.

And when she goes away on trips for her job and calls me from her hotel and we have hottest ageplay phone sex and she will also scream to the top of her lungs.



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Sex with mommy

I was doing cleaning today in my sissy room today and i thought it was going to be an easy clean well today i found a notebook on my sissy bed and i open the page i opened it to a page that said chatline numbers and it was alot down the sissy was at day care so i couldn’t say anything about it till he got home… So i finished my cleaning still in shocked. But as soon as he got there i sat him down at dinner and told my sissy about everything i read today in the note pad… He was in disbelief…. Wondering why i went through his stuff well first off i am the mother… And you do as i say very shock why he didnt tell me about it i left it alone.

I had kept his note pad through the night so i can read more into it the 1st number was 1 800 phone sex so i called it… It was like a normal chatline so i stayed on for a few just to get the feeling and maybe the reason why he calls these lines…. I didnt see no use to calling the lines so i went down the line calling more and more still didnt get the reason.. So i went to sissy bedroom and ask him and told him to be honest with me… He told me that he loves me and that he loves the things i do to him as a mommy but he has fantasy and fetishes that the chat rooms do that he dont think i would do with him. I asked him what it was and he was so nervous to tell me. He then told me to call this specific chat number .

So i did just that and he was talking the whole time i sat back and listen… He told the women his fetish and it was sex with mommy. I was so shocked and in disbelief bit i told him if he wants to have sex with mommy thats all he had to say for mommy thinks about having sex with baby all the time i just never said anything to him… But now that we both understand eachother now i told him it was worth a try so i slide his diaper off played with his little clitty for a little bit then put it in my mouth for his clitty was so little it dont take much to make him cum.. So i told him to cum in mommys mouth that i loved all his cummies in my mouth so thats what i told him to do he loved it.. For there we have been doing it more and more and more. We did it every day i loved and i know he dam sure did.