Perfect and Pretty Princess Lily

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My sissy abdl always dreamed about being a princess. When she was younger, she was always jealous that her sisters were able to dress up and play princesses while she was left to play with the army figurines.

It totally sucked that she had to wait until they fell asleep to take their clothes and sneak into the bathroom to try them on. She always felt so beautiful and she even told herself when she looked in the mirror that she was the most beautiful out of all of the sisters.

Now that she is an adult she likes to recap the moments of her childhood when she was able to dress up and become the beautiful princess that she always wanted to be. It is one of the reasons that she calls me, her
abdl babysitter – because she knows that I can make her feel so pretty. I mean, last night we had such an amazing time where we did an abdl roleplay and I got her all prepared for the prom.

Of course she as in the best red cocktail dress that any of her classmates ever saw. It was such a beautiful red cocktail short lace prom dress adorned with a sash and she had on the nude colored pasties on her breasts and a nude colored thong to match. When she walked into the event, all eyes were on her.

The gasp was in the air when she simply glided across the room with her glass colored shoes. It was as though it was a re-birth of Cinderella attending the prince’s ball. As she walked through the room she heard her name announced from the podium – “Lily” and she slowly walked up to the stage to receive her tiara while everyone clapped in recognition of her being the newly crowned prom queen.

She shaved her legs so they were as smooth as silk, so she did not have to bother with stockings. First of all it is Summer and it is hot and the last thing she needs is something to get her privates all hot and sweaty. It is not a good look and smelling fresh is part of being a princess.

I make sure that she shaves her armpits and her arms – because of her plethora of testosterone – she needs to shave her entire body to feminize herself. Her beauty speaks for itself, I just like to guide her to enhance what lays dormant beneath the surface.

And when she is finished feeling like a princess for the night and comes home to me, this is where we make sweet love. I kiss her gently and she does the same to me. She kisses my breasts and tastes my sweet pussy and in return I do the same for her.

She needs me and I need her as we both pant and fondle each other in sheer ecstasy. She is my beautiful lily flower and I will always be there for her and we will continue to enjoy each other in totality.



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