Saving all of my love for baby

Mommy loves to nuzzle and nurture her babies. I don’t have any of my own so it means so much to me to be able to change your adult diapers and let you suckle on my luscious bosom. I enjoy wiping your bottom with these cool baby wipes. Sometimes I have to use more than one to make sure that your baby bottom is super clean and super fresh. I know I like to have your bottom rubbed with fresh baby powder so I’ll have your favorite kind ready for our special time together. I lift the fresh powder and rub it on my baby’s legs. My left hand slides up my baby’s left leg and rub the soft, pillowy powder along his left leg. I slide the same amount of powder down his right leg and my baby coos with appreciation and anticipation. I love pampering my ABDL. He’s such a sweet baby and he deserves an extra special treat.



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