Sex with mommy

I was doing cleaning today in my sissy room today and i thought it was going to be an easy clean well today i found a notebook on my sissy bed and i open the page i opened it to a page that said chatline numbers and it was alot down the sissy was at day care so i couldn’t say anything about it till he got home… So i finished my cleaning still in shocked. But as soon as he got there i sat him down at dinner and told my sissy about everything i read today in the note pad… He was in disbelief…. Wondering why i went through his stuff well first off i am the mother… And you do as i say very shock why he didnt tell me about it i left it alone.

I had kept his note pad through the night so i can read more into it the 1st number was 1 800 phone sex so i called it… It was like a normal chatline so i stayed on for a few just to get the feeling and maybe the reason why he calls these lines…. I didnt see no use to calling the lines so i went down the line calling more and more still didnt get the reason.. So i went to sissy bedroom and ask him and told him to be honest with me… He told me that he loves me and that he loves the things i do to him as a mommy but he has fantasy and fetishes that the chat rooms do that he dont think i would do with him. I asked him what it was and he was so nervous to tell me. He then told me to call this specific chat number .

So i did just that and he was talking the whole time i sat back and listen… He told the women his fetish and it was sex with mommy. I was so shocked and in disbelief bit i told him if he wants to have sex with mommy thats all he had to say for mommy thinks about having sex with baby all the time i just never said anything to him… But now that we both understand eachother now i told him it was worth a try so i slide his diaper off played with his little clitty for a little bit then put it in my mouth for his clitty was so little it dont take much to make him cum.. So i told him to cum in mommys mouth that i loved all his cummies in my mouth so thats what i told him to do he loved it.. For there we have been doing it more and more and more. We did it every day i loved and i know he dam sure did.