Silly Baby Forced Into Diapers (part 1)

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I had a silly adult baby tell me all about his little daycare adventures. It’s that old story about he was wetting the bed, and his Aunt had to step in and put him back in diapers, no matter how much he fussed and cried. He was insisting that he was an adult and that she was being ridiculous… right until he wet himself in front of her, his facing turning fire engine red in horror and embarrassment as he felt the piss wet his pants and trickle down his legs! She had him on his back with his legs up in the air before he could blink, pinning a pair of thick cloth abdl diapers onto him (seems she knew this going to happen!). That’s been going on for awhile now, and since she thought that is she was going to diaper him like a baby, then she needed to treat him just like one! Just want do you think she’s going to do with him? Click right here to find out, and call me for your own age play phone sex.



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