Sissy Baby Confessions Pt 2

As a true submissive babygirl should, sissy has come to understand that the real disguise is pretending to be a big boy when deep down you know the truth just like this sissy does:

I have gradually come to understand that for me, it’s not a matter of pretending to be a baby, or regression, or returning to a specific age. I AM an infant baby girl on the inside. That is the REAL me. I need to make that real me the dominant person, and I just pretend to be an adult when I have to. (Instead of vice versa.) So I need help bring that real me to the surface, with all that entails. Babbling, loss of coordination, crawling, not weaned, oral fixation, short attention span, being dressed as a baby girl, etc. True infancy.

Sounds right to me!


Mommy Jackie

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