Snapchat ABDL

These days there are just so many fun ways that an adult baby mommy like me can take advantage of technology to make sure that the point of a punishment is understood. Recently, I was playing with Snapchat. It is a fun little app in which you can take pictures and videos and enhance and otherwise play with them with all sorts of fun stickers, filters, and sound effects. I was browsing on my phone when one of my more needy diaper boys crawled across the nursery carpet to tug on the hem of my dress. I soothed him and went back to scrolling. That little bugger stood up wobbly and smacked my phone out of my hand! I was shocked, needless to say. I knew that I needed to devise a plan to ensure that this did not happen again! I grinned when I thought about the app I had just discovered! There was a filter on it available just now that was a cute little baby face, complete with bonnet and pacifier! I giggled to myself at the mere thought of forcing that troublesome little diaper sissy into a baby-themed photo shoot. I got him all dressed up in perfect attire from silly “Lil Stinker” t-shirt to thickly padded bottom, and placed him on a stack of pillows in front of me. Grabbing my phone, I flipped through the options until I had created a perfect little stickered, filtered, adorable picture of my diaper boy. I began to post it, and when I showed him, the look on his face was utterly priceless! He never expected me to out him as a baby on Snapchat where everyone would see him like the sissy he is! Of course, he began to cry and apologize over and over again for hitting mommy’s phone. I opened my arms and let him come close to snuggle up for a good long hug and I gave him a meaningful pat on the bottom. Now I know he will surely think twice before giving me any attitude now that I have this new tool at my fingertips!



Come and chat with the phone sex mommies!

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