Victoria The Vixen

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You should have seen Victoria at the fashion show, she was phenomenal. She walked the runway like it was nobody business. I was so proud of her that I could not wait for us to go home and play. At home we played every scenario and it was always a lot of fun. Last week after I was finished looking at abdl mommy tumblr I was inspired to be her
abdl babysitter and it was so amazing.

I had to punish her for being a naughty little sissy because she decided to masturbate on my bed without my permission. I found the evidence of cum all over my bed and she denied that it was cum and lied to me and told me that it was oatmeal. I made her know that she lied to me and that since she was my little sissy abdl she knew that she had to do whatever I asked.

I had her bend over and have her back arched as I pushed a 12 inch didlo into her ass. I pushed it in nice and deep and had her rotate it in a circle formation. Every time I circled it inside of her ass, I pushed it in deeper. It tried to pop out a few times and had her tense up her ass cheeks.

Her clitty was getting so hard that I had her rub it over and over again… I wanted it to leak and drip like a faucet then I had her lick off the cum remnants with her finger. Her mouth was created to taste, lick and suck your own sticky cum. She took it in and smiled because she liked the taste.

Her role in life is to be a cum bucket. I had her repeat that she is a cum bucket. She is going to keep licking and sucking cum from yourself and also from strangers. Salty and sweet cum must be licked by her. It must never ever be wasted. If it were to have any cum fall on the floor she was told to get down on her knees and suck and lick it off the floor.

I especially like the moments when I have her take her panty off and jerk her little clitty cock with it. It felt so good to her that she yelped and screamed. I told her then it was time for her to be fisted. I turned her over and insert 4 fingers in her ass, and poke in and out with it. She felt a bit of pain but I had her lube up a bit and continue, then afterwards I had her add her thumb to the mix.

Then I had her bend her fingers so her fist closed and then she fucked herself slowly and gently with her fist closed. Then I had her tighten the fist and fuck and fuck her asshole with it. This is part of pain and pleasure for her to be fisted thoroughly and she cried tears of joy as she fucked herself in the ass with joy.



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