Why Do You Need An Enema?

I know that it’s more than a little embarrassing for an abdl to receive an enema, whatever the reason is. Could be constipation, could be maintenance to make sure that a baby doesn’t get constipated, or it could be for a punishment. There are multiple reasons to apply an enema and many different enemas to apply. You don’t want to be bent over and forced to hold an enema in until I tell you to release it or until you simply lose control? I suggest you drink plenty of water and behave yourself! I don’t mind either way, really. I have to admit I get a bit of a kick out of laying a baby down, filling them up with some soapy water, and inflating a bulb nozzle to keep the enema inside them as long as I please. Does that sound like just what you need? Call me for some abdl discipline phone sex.

Aunt Brenda


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