Would You Want To Be Regressed?

 I have talked to more than a few abdl’s out there that have some strong fantasies about being age regressed into a itty bitty baby, small enough to fit in my arms. Being cuddled and cared for, no responsibilities to bear… I can certainly see the appeal! All you have to do is whatever Mommy wants and be a good baby. I don’t think it can get much easier than that, do you? Even you get a little fussy sometimes, Mommy will just keep trying things to calm you down, bottles, breastfeeding, a pacifier, patting your back while she walks back and forth, rocking you in a rocking chair (I remember that was always my favorite!), take your pic. All of those and anything else she can think of will by tried to work you out of your fussy mood.  It’s hard to get that kind of loving treatment as an adult, that’s for sure. Got your own fantasies about that? Call me for some abdl mommy phone sex to tell me!



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