Your Abdl Mommy Wants To Teach You Everything!

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I’m glad that you trusted me enough to come to me, honey, and told me about those little tingles you’ve been feeling lately.  It’s new, so it’s scary, but I’m going to show you just how good this actually is! It’s just showing that you are growing up, getting bigger, and I would love to teach you all about what will make you feel the best.  So why don’t you sit right here in Mommy’s lap, while I take off my shirt and bra so you can rest against my lush breasts, leaning forward to suck on my nipples. It makes me feel very good when you do that! You do that, and I’m going to strip your pants and undies off… oh, your peepee is already hard, honey.  Tingles, feels good, don’t they? When I wrap my hand around it, it will feel even better. I’m going to give you a mommy fetish (maybe even a milf fetish) with all the ways I’m going to make you feel fantastic!  What would you like mommy to do to you? Call me for some kinky phone sex and tell me everything.



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