Your New ABDL Babysitter!

ABDl Babysitter!

                            I want to introduce you to your new ABDL  babysitter Jackie. I’ve known her for many years. I used to attend College with her, a while back. I want you to be a good boy for her, when Mommy is away. I have some errands, that I need to get done. I have to do this, before Friday. I already have your nursery cleaned up. All you have to do is watch some television, until you guys get situated. I will be leaving tomorrow morning. I won’t be back, until late in the evening. I told her to fix you some snacks too. You have to be good though, or she won’t give you any. You need to let her change your messy diaper too. I’m having her babysit you two days a week. This way, I can get more things done. I know you will have a great time with her. I’ll leave your play pen , in the living room. I’m pretty sure, you will be wanting to nap, in the afternoon. Babysitter Jackie will do her best, to keep you warm. 

                                                                          Mommy Janey


                 ABDl Sitter!