ABDL Diaper Change


My Abdl-baby waddle’s into my room and I notice his diaper is sagging a little more than usual. I ask “Does baby need changing?” He responds with a head nod while sucking his thumb. I pick him up and place him on the bed. I grab his favorite Bambino diapers, the baby wipes and the baby powder. I open up his abdl-diaper. “P.U!”, I exclaimed and baby giggles. I lift his legs up and wipe his little bum bum and then I wipe his pee pee with the baby wipe. He jumps because its so cold and wet. We both giggle when this happens. I then wrap up the old diaper and put it in the trash and place his bottom on the new diaper that is now underneath of him. I shake the baby powder on him and in the diaper. I pull up the front of the diaper and secure with the left strap, following with the right strap. I blow raspberries on his tummy and I say “Baby’s all clean”.