Silly Baby Forced Into Diapers (part 1)

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I had a silly adult baby tell me all about his little daycare adventures. It’s that old story about he was wetting the bed, and his Aunt had to step in and put him back in diapers, no matter how much he fussed and cried. He was insisting that he was an adult and that she was being ridiculous… right until he wet himself in front of her, his facing turning fire engine red in horror and embarrassment as he felt the piss wet his pants and trickle down his legs! She had him on his back with his legs up in the air before he could blink, pinning a pair of thick cloth abdl diapers onto him (seems she knew this going to happen!). That’s been going on for awhile now, and since she thought that is she was going to diaper him like a baby, then she needed to treat him just like one! Just want do you think she’s going to do with him? Click right here to find out, and call me for your own age play phone sex.



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Impregnation Fetish Phone Sex

Being a Mommy means being responsible for taking care of all kinds of little ones. Sometimes, someone comes along who needs a Mommy for a much different reason, however, and if they are smart enough to butter me up and get into my good graces, I am all too happy to oblige in helping make their secret fantasy come true. There are plenty of little ones who need a Mommy because they are too small to make big, hard decisions that adults have to make. They need someone to keep an eye on that diaper and change it as needed, make sure those little tummies are full, and that naps are had. This is a big job, but every so often, I agree to get used to bring to life a much different fetish. Sometimes, men do not wish to be treated as a baby at certain times, they wish instead to use Mommy to make a baby! Of course, only the best adult baby will ever be granted permission to use Mommy’s body in such a way, and it is sure to be an event that they will never forget. Getting to partake in not only MILF sex, but sex with Mommy with the intent of getting her pregnant is a privilege that very few babies will ever get to experience in their lifetime. A quiet night will be picked for us to spend quality time together, just the two of us. I will baby you out of habit, but you will get special treats that evening, like getting to have a big boy drink with me to make sure that you are nice and relaxed for when the time comes to get to work. All dressed up for you, you can barely stand it when you get me into bed and slip your peepee up into me, ready to make cummies in Mommy’s pussy for the first time instead of your diaper like the good sissy you are. With luck, your sticky mess will travel deep inside Mommy and make a baby of our own! I know all you want to do is knock me up!
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The First Mess

diaper lover

Jack had been wearing diapers for as long as he could remember. It had started young, pilfering the thick, crinkly pillows from siblings and from the church nursery storeroom. He just couldn’t explain how good it felt to be all wrapped up in the disposable comfort, and his diaper fetish continued to grow as he did. When Jack found the world of adult diaper lovers and all of the amazing patterns and padding he could explore it felt like it was time to really give in to his love of diapers and use them for more than just wetting, or cumming for his Mommy. He decided it was time to mess his diapers! Even the thought was enough to make him blush deeply, but it also made him feel a level of excitement he hadn’t reached since those first stolen moments of diaper bliss…


Mommy Jackie


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Naughty Fun With Your Auntie

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Timothy laid in his Aunt Brenda’s lap, his head resting against her arm while he sucked on her breast, his hands cupping and kneading it around his mouth. He giggled a bit when she ran her fingers lightly across his ribs, the sound muffled since he didn’t want to loosen his lips around her warm nipple and kept on giggling while her fingers crept down his tummy. That stopped, though, when she got down to his thick abdl diaper. She pressed her hand against his diaper, right over his peepee, and he couldn’t help but moan and squirm a bit. It just felt so good!  She laughed at his reaction, then slid her hand down further to tease her nails across the sensitive skin of his inner thighs.  He whimpered a little, then once he settled back down, she put her hand down inside his diaper! She wrapped her hand around his peepee, and it wasn’t very long before he was tingling and cum was spurting out over her hand and his diaper. She told him what a silly abdl he was and wiped her hand off on his baby bib. Would you like me to make you feel just as good? Call me for sexy auntie phone sex!



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Your Abdl Mommy Wants To Teach You Everything!

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I’m glad that you trusted me enough to come to me, honey, and told me about those little tingles you’ve been feeling lately.  It’s new, so it’s scary, but I’m going to show you just how good this actually is! It’s just showing that you are growing up, getting bigger, and I would love to teach you all about what will make you feel the best.  So why don’t you sit right here in Mommy’s lap, while I take off my shirt and bra so you can rest against my lush breasts, leaning forward to suck on my nipples. It makes me feel very good when you do that! You do that, and I’m going to strip your pants and undies off… oh, your peepee is already hard, honey.  Tingles, feels good, don’t they? When I wrap my hand around it, it will feel even better. I’m going to give you a mommy fetish (maybe even a milf fetish) with all the ways I’m going to make you feel fantastic!  What would you like mommy to do to you? Call me for some kinky phone sex and tell me everything.



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Can’t Stop Masturbating In Your Diapers

diaper discipline, diaper fetish, domination

Having a bit of a problem keeping your hands out of your diaper and off your cock? I know that soft abdl diaper must feel good and being a silly baby certainly doesn’t give you any self-control… looks like I may have to do something to put a stop to that! I’ve decided that you can’t do anything that will get you that excited unless I say so, and you have to be a very good baby for me to give you permission to make little sticky cummies in your diapers.  Just putting you in a lockable diaper cover won’t work, since you will simply rub yourself through the diaper. I’ll have to put you in a chastity cage! I’ll keep you in it for a few days, and when I let you take if off, if you’ve behaved, I’ll let you play with it until you come. If you haven’t behaved, I may touch you myself, get you all worked then not let you come. I bet it wouldn’t take very long for you to become the best-behaved baby ever so that you can get rewarded! Why don’t you call me for some naughty abdl phone sex and let me know how you would like that?



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