Mommy’s Diaper Dungeon Pt 4

After seeing Jorge totally lose control during his abdl diaper change, Claudia knew she had truly regressed him into a helpless sissy baby who would submit to her every whim as a 24/7 diaper slave kept in his new nursery. He was still laying on his changing table, hard cock bulging in his pink princess diaper pants. She left him there and pulled out a pink adult baby onesie and a matching sissy baby girl bonnet. Baby Jorge took it all in, feeling hypnotized by his adult baby mommy and her seductive domination. Even though she had forced him into diapers, he felt now like she had been right all along, that he really was just a needy baby boy who would never be a real man. He felt a strange tickle in his diaper and realized he had soaked it without even knowing!


Mommy Jackie


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Just Like Jenna Part 1


Abdl Girl Jenna smiles at you as she opens up your wet diaper. “It was EVER so nice of you to volunteer to wear diapers like this just because I do!” She says.  “It wasn’t a choice!” you growl back. You’ve known Jenna was diapered ever since you were both young teenagers. You always wanted to tease her a little about it, but held back from being too mean. However, she always told you, payback is a bitch. So, she tricked you this time, and got your mother thinking you were voluntarily asking to be put back in diapers like she was. You didn’t think it would matter, since you are technically an adult, until your mother pulled the, “As long as you live under my roof…” card. So now, here you are in your first wet  Adult diaper, your visiting cousin changing you.  “It’s just so funny, though. Here I am all on my own, no parents to decide what I can or can’t do. And here is my little baby cousin – who always teased me about diapers – caught in the web and having his Mommy and babysitter cousin decide everything!”  Despite being mad about this, you also can’t help staring at your firm, beautiful cousin’s lower half. She has not even put on pants or a skirt, and is walking around in just a diaper. She never would have done that on previous visits. On some level, this insults you …. but on another level, you are excited and you are showing it.  “Oh dear!” Jenna puts her hand to her mouth as she giggles. Call me for some Diaper Phone Sex!


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Baby’s naughty playdate

My adult baby needs a playdate. He’s a sweet boy and he needs friends. He needs to be able to relate to other big boys and I need a safe place for me to able to change his diapers. He goes through so many and I know that there have to be other mommies out there who deal with the same thing. How cute would it be if I were able to get 6 or 7 hairy, big babies and have a play date? We could have cupcakes, punch and snacks. There would be plenty of changing tables and I would dress it up as a large adult nursery and playroom. All of the babies’ favorite diapers would be there, and I would have so many soft, luxurious wet wipes to clean all of the poopy butts. The mommies and me would make such a mess powdering all of the bottoms and making sure they didn’t get diaper rash. It would be a fun time!



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Want To Be Cock Teased by Your Stepmother?

I really do love getting my stepson all riled up and horny. Some days I’ll just be a dirty cock tease to him all day long, wearing my skimpy around-the-house clothes, bending over a lot, brushing up against him, making sure that the only thing he thinks about when he sees me is sex.  Every time I look over at him I want to see him hunched over or angling away from me to try hiding his hard-on! And that night while his Daddy fucks me hard enough to bang the headrest against the wall, I will always scream and moan extra loud so that my stepmom can hear everything. I love thinking about him in his room, jacking off while he listens to his Dad plowing his hot horny stepmom.  Does that sound like your kind of fun? Call me for some stepmom fetish phonesex!



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Saving all of my love for baby

Mommy loves to nuzzle and nurture her babies. I don’t have any of my own so it means so much to me to be able to change your adult diapers and let you suckle on my luscious bosom. I enjoy wiping your bottom with these cool baby wipes. Sometimes I have to use more than one to make sure that your baby bottom is super clean and super fresh. I know I like to have your bottom rubbed with fresh baby powder so I’ll have your favorite kind ready for our special time together. I lift the fresh powder and rub it on my baby’s legs. My left hand slides up my baby’s left leg and rub the soft, pillowy powder along his left leg. I slide the same amount of powder down his right leg and my baby coos with appreciation and anticipation. I love pampering my ABDL. He’s such a sweet baby and he deserves an extra special treat.



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An Extra Special Abdl Punishment

Mommy Brenda told me about something that is so good that I wish I’d heard about it years ago.  There is a very special cream called capsaicin that when applied to a bare bottom can be a very painful experience for any naughty abdl or sissy baby.  It’s supposed to be used as a muscle relaxer but the skin on a baby bottom’s is so sensitive that the capsaicin makes it feels like it’s on fire, just as if that baby had just got a severe spanking from their mommy! It doesn’t even take much, just a healthy dab smeared across each cheek is more than enough to have anyone regretting whatever they did to get to that point! It hurts enough just by itself, but if you add even a light paddling to go along with it becomes so much worse. You know the best way to avoid that? Be a good baby! Call me for some abdl phonesex so you can assure me that you absolutely have been a good baby.



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