Secret Adult Baby

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Thomas wasn’t a bad looking guy at all, downright handsome with a strong muscular body. His friends were always confused about why they never saw him with anyone. He told them about dates he went on, but they never actually met anybody.  Truth was, he was lying about the dates because he didn’t go on any. He was trying to work up the nerve to go on just one, but he was afraid that one of his dates would notice a very large, odd bulge under his pants that went all the way around his hips!  He was an in-the-closet adult baby, wearing diapers 24/7 and was concerned about what reaction someone might have if they happened to see his diaper or if he just told them about it.  He wasn’t taking his diapers off for anything, though, he enjoyed and loved them too much! He talked to a lot of other babies online that had a sexual diaper fetish, some of them only able to cum when they were in diapers, but he didn’t have any of those feelings when he had a diaper on.  They felt safe for him, comforting in a way that was hard to explain, but made him feel really good none the less.  He switched sometimes between adult baby and diaper lover.  One day he wanted to suck on a paci and curl in his diapee, the next he would just like to enjoy the diaper by itself, no age play involved.  It changes with his mood! Call for some adult baby phone sex and tell me if you’re the same way!



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Teasing A Silly Abdl! (part 2)

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(first part) Silly Johnny did try really hard to come, but nothing happened. Mommy Jackie and I keep trying to tell him to stop, he does this every time he calls to have some phone sex playtime, but he is as hard-headed as he is silly!  So he rocks his hips against the floor, pushing his dinky winky into his wet diaper, even though most of the time the only thing that happens is that he gets so frustrated that he can barely stand it. That tiny little thing between his legs will get hard, but that’s as far as it will go most of the time.  He humps the floor and we laugh at his diaper humiliation.  Everyone has a wonderful time! Tell me are you just as silly as Johnny? You should call for some Mommy phone sex to confess everything, so that you can be laughed exactly the way that you should!



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Jenna Wants To Tease A Silly Abdl Boy! (part 4)

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(first part) Jenna watch Georgie suck on his pussy flavored pacifier with glee. “Aren’t you eager! Looks like you enjoy the taste more than a bit.  Too bad it won’t ever happen again!”, she said teasingly. He covered his face with hands, trying to cover and didn’t realize that she was reaching for him until her hands gripped him over his upper arm and his diapered bottom, pulling him over so that he was laying on his stomach.  He couldn’t stop a soft groan when his already hard peepee pressed into the mattress through his diaper.  It felt so good! His hips started moving and rocking before he even thought about it but froze when Jenna laughed at him. 

“I bet that when it’s time to change your diaper, it’s going to have more than a little cum in the front! I’m looking forward to teasing you about it.”, she said with a smirk.

She gave his diaper one last pat, and he tucked his head down, too embarrassed to watch while she walked out of his nursery. Worse part was that he knew that she was right! Are you just like poor Georgie? Call for humiliation phone sex.

Babysitter Jenna


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Diaper Demo Pt 1

Kenny was so excited to go on their usual weekly outing to the library with his adult baby mommy that he didn’t notice at first that they were headed in a totally different direction than they typically went. He wiggled in his crinkly abdl diaper as he felt it growing wetter by the second, and couldn’t help but whine at the feeling, wanting his MILF abdl mommy to change him now! Mommy had noticed his wiggling of course but had a special surprise in mind for him today… she was teaching a home ec class and bringing him as her diaper demo boy. As they pulled up in front of the community center Kenny’s whine turned into a full blown sissy baby tantrum as he realized he had been tricked and they weren’t going to the library!


Mommy Jackie

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Mommy’s Diaper Dungeon Pt 4

After seeing Jorge totally lose control during his abdl diaper change, Claudia knew she had truly regressed him into a helpless sissy baby who would submit to her every whim as a 24/7 diaper slave kept in his new nursery. He was still laying on his changing table, hard cock bulging in his pink princess diaper pants. She left him there and pulled out a pink adult baby onesie and a matching sissy baby girl bonnet. Baby Jorge took it all in, feeling hypnotized by his adult baby mommy and her seductive domination. Even though she had forced him into diapers, he felt now like she had been right all along, that he really was just a needy baby boy who would never be a real man. He felt a strange tickle in his diaper and realized he had soaked it without even knowing!


Mommy Jackie


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Just Like Jenna Part 1


Abdl Girl Jenna smiles at you as she opens up your wet diaper. “It was EVER so nice of you to volunteer to wear diapers like this just because I do!” She says.  “It wasn’t a choice!” you growl back. You’ve known Jenna was diapered ever since you were both young teenagers. You always wanted to tease her a little about it, but held back from being too mean. However, she always told you, payback is a bitch. So, she tricked you this time, and got your mother thinking you were voluntarily asking to be put back in diapers like she was. You didn’t think it would matter, since you are technically an adult, until your mother pulled the, “As long as you live under my roof…” card. So now, here you are in your first wet  Adult diaper, your visiting cousin changing you.  “It’s just so funny, though. Here I am all on my own, no parents to decide what I can or can’t do. And here is my little baby cousin – who always teased me about diapers – caught in the web and having his Mommy and babysitter cousin decide everything!”  Despite being mad about this, you also can’t help staring at your firm, beautiful cousin’s lower half. She has not even put on pants or a skirt, and is walking around in just a diaper. She never would have done that on previous visits. On some level, this insults you …. but on another level, you are excited and you are showing it.  “Oh dear!” Jenna puts her hand to her mouth as she giggles. Call me for some Diaper Phone Sex!


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