Saving all of my love for baby

Mommy loves to nuzzle and nurture her babies. I don’t have any of my own so it means so much to me to be able to change your adult diapers and let you suckle on my luscious bosom. I enjoy wiping your bottom with these cool baby wipes. Sometimes I have to use more than one to make sure that your baby bottom is super clean and super fresh. I know I like to have your bottom rubbed with fresh baby powder so I’ll have your favorite kind ready for our special time together. I lift the fresh powder and rub it on my baby’s legs. My left hand slides up my baby’s left leg and rub the soft, pillowy powder along his left leg. I slide the same amount of powder down his right leg and my baby coos with appreciation and anticipation. I love pampering my ABDL. He’s such a sweet baby and he deserves an extra special treat.



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An Extra Special Abdl Punishment

Mommy Brenda told me about something that is so good that I wish I’d heard about it years ago.  There is a very special cream called capsaicin that when applied to a bare bottom can be a very painful experience for any naughty abdl or sissy baby.  It’s supposed to be used as a muscle relaxer but the skin on a baby bottom’s is so sensitive that the capsaicin makes it feels like it’s on fire, just as if that baby had just got a severe spanking from their mommy! It doesn’t even take much, just a healthy dab smeared across each cheek is more than enough to have anyone regretting whatever they did to get to that point! It hurts enough just by itself, but if you add even a light paddling to go along with it becomes so much worse. You know the best way to avoid that? Be a good baby! Call me for some abdl phonesex so you can assure me that you absolutely have been a good baby.



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You Need To Be In Diapers!

Life has been awfully stressful for you, hasn’t it? I couldn’t help but notice, and I’ve decided to do something about it. You’re not going to like my solution at first, but you will eventually come around to being my little diaper boy, my cute baby! You don’t have a choice in the matter, so you might as well learn to love it! You will love the thick diapers that you will always be in, the cute hats I put on you, the bibs and rattles and cuddly toys… but I bet you’ll really love sucking on Mommy’s breasts. It won’t take long at all for you to be happy and content curled up in my lap, suckling at my tit while I pat the front of your diaper. You don’t have a choice in the matter, but you’ll still learn to love it. Call me for your forced age regression phonesex.



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Diaper Masturbation Phonesex

I want to cum, dear, and I want to do it by rubbing my pussy against your crinkly abdl diaper. I want you to watch while I strip down slowly in front of you, then crawl onto the bed to slide up until I’m straddling you. I want you to be propped up a little so that you can clearly watch while my pussy lips spread across your diaper and tilt my hips forward until my clit is dragging right against the crinkly plastic. I’m going to brace my hands on your stomach so I can rock my hips even faster, rubbing against my pussy and clit until it drives me up the wall with how desperately I want to cum! And all you’re allowed to do is lay there and watch, sweetie, while I’m rubbing against you until I do cum and my pussy juices just drip onto your diaper and sex is all you can smell! Do you want to play with me? Call for diaper masturbation phonesex.



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Forced to Shrink Into My Little Baby!

I’m going to turn you into my own little sweet baby. You won’t know how, or when it will happen but I can guarantee for you that it will. You will shrink down slowly, probably not noticing at first until you start to think that I’m looking a little taller than usual. When you say something about it, I won’t be able to stop myself from teasing you, tugging on your clothes so you will see how much bigger they are on you! I’m going to watch smirking while you get smaller and smaller, until you are practically swimming in your clothes and I look like a huge giantess! When you’re down to itty bitty baby size you are going to be mine! Who would ever believe that tiny little thing was ever a man? No one! Are you ready to give up control? Go ahead and call me for age regression phonesex!



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Just Like Mommy Pt 2

Danny had his hands on his favorite things- his dommy mommy‘s panties! Pink and trimmed in ivory lace, it was one of the new pairs and extra feminine. When he rubbed the panties on his hard cock he noticed a strange piece of paper tucked into the crotch. He pulled it out while continuing to stroke the silky panties up and down his sissy girl parts. “Dear Danny” It read, “I hope you’re enjoying your little play time but it really is very naughty to leave your cummy messes in Mommy’s panties. Since you seem to be wearing them every chance you get anyway, I felt it might be time for your own sissy lingerie. You’re mommy’s sissy slut now and this is the first step in your sissy training.” His sissy clitty couldn’t hold back after reading that mommy knew his dirty girl secret, that he really was a big sissy baby and he came right in his panties!

Mommy Jackie


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