Adult Babies Having Sex

Ever have sex while still wearing your diaper? So hot and noisy. Try it with a dirty diaper on. Then you can hear the squish and crinkle of every thrust either you or your partner makes. Just imagine, you and your best friend are role playing as small babies. Both of you are wearing adult diapers, then one or both of you wet or poo your diaper. It feels so good to have that wet squishy diaper on your bottom. Making you a dirty diaper boy and you know your friend is just the same. You look at each other and want to make the pleasure of having on such a freshly dirty diaper so you both nod and start to touch each other through those diapers. Rubbing diapered cocks to diapered pussies. You want to take the pleasure even higher so you start to touch each other inside the diapers. figures sliding into pussies, asses, or around cocks. You both are moaning and loving the feel of having another dirty diaper to play with while someone else plays with yours. The feeling of cumming is building up and you so want to add cream to the mess inside your diaper. But wait your friend has an idea. What if we take the pleasure up even more. Oh yes you want to so bad, but what do you do? How can you make this feel any better. Easy, fuck each other. While keeping those diapers on. Slide a cock out of one diaper and into another. Open your diaper on one side only to expose your cock, pussy, or ass. Or even better cut a hole in both diapers so that a cock can slip out and in, or fingers can explore. Which role do you want to play. Do you want to be the one fucking someone in a diaper, or maybe you want to be the baby being fucked in his diaper. So much fun either way. Bend over and stick that diapered bottom in the air so your best friend can fuck your ass open, while your diaper is dripping all over the floor. Or have her bent over while you are fucking her little dripping wet pussy that is covered in cum and piss. Maybe even have a dildo in your play room so your best friend can fuck your little ass, with a dildo taped to her diaper. Share that cream with each other and double your pleasure. Imagine her dirty diaper full of piss and shit, then you cut a small hole right at her pussy then slide your dirty little cock deep inside her diapered pussy. Then pump those hips and make each other scream. feeling the squishing and hearing the crinkle of those diapers until you both cum so hard you almost pass out. Feel all that cream leak out of her diaper and onto yours. Maybe watch her lick your cum off the outside of your diaper knowing it leaked out of hers. What a wonderful feeling.

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