Brattiness Part 2


Well there she was little Baby Alyssa upended over my lap as I pulled her dress up to her back and out of my way.  That little Adult Baby diapered bottom was staring me right in the face as I gave it a good whack whack whack with the hair brush.  I asked her if she felt it and she giggled.  Oh that made me madder and I told her oh no you didn’t just giggle.  No more over the diaper Spanking for her anymore as I pulled the sides up towards the center so I could see that little white bottom and have nice target.  I brought the hairbrush down on the right and then on the left side over and over making sure I got every inch of that Adult Baby Girl bottom.  I remarked to her that it was getting nice and pink and oh so pretty as she jumped every time the Hairbrush landed.  I was enjoying it so much as she just was silent and limp and jumped with each impact.  I hope the neighbors were listening so they could know I was punishing her, all the more embarrassing for her.  I continued raining the hairbrush down on her bare bottom until I achieved a nice red color and then told her to get up and go lie on the bed so we could start the second part.  She gasped, second part Auntie?  Oh yes you need to call me for some Naughty abdl phone sex.



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