Forced Into Diapers

The summer had started out like any other, with Dylan out of school and free to be his bratty self, expecting his sexy step mother to pick up after him and whining at her for his every want. Jackie had had just about enough of his raging adolescent tantrums and had devised a plan to remind him that he needed to behave, despite what he thought. She had always had a stern, dominant streak and her lips curved into a wicked smile as she approached him. Dylan stomped his feet at her, hands on his hips he looked like an overgrown adult baby rather than a young man! Jackie grabbed him by the ear, leading him roughly to the bathroom where she had a adult baby changing cloth laid out on the floor. His eyes widened but he was totally powerless as she strong armed him to the floor, pulling off his pants with surprising dexterity as she pounced on her diaper punishment prey. Her bratty step son was going back into disposable adult diapers no matter how much he struggled against her.



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