I Love Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is here and all of us ABDL MOMMY’S I’m so excited . Because this is our day, a day when our babies get to tell us just how much they appreciate us as Mommy’s. Sometimes babies bring us flowers sometimes they bring us chocolates, sometimes they even buy lingerie so that we can put them on underneath our beautiful dresses. Of course most babies later on get caught smelling the dirty lingerie that they bought us but we Mommy’s can’t help but love them anyway! Such naughty little ABDL BABIES sneaking into mommy’s dirty laundry smelling her panties and trying them on. But on Mother’s Day all we ABDL MOMMY’S really think Bout is how lucky we are to have such precious little angels. Being a Mommy is a tough job but we love to do it! If you want to hear moreĀ  call



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