It’s Bath Time!

One of Mommy’s favorite time of the night is abdl bath time. It’s a special time when a mommy gets to take care of her  baby in such a special way. Undressing my sweet baby and putting them in a warm tub with bubbles and their rubber ducky. So they can splash around and play. I love make my little pussy baby’s clitty all sudsy and rubbing them till they are squeaky clean. I even will put soap on my fingers and clean out their anal area because we want to make sure my baby is very clean there too. Then I get to take my baby out the tub dry the off and put baby lotion all over their body so they skin is nice and soft. After we are all dry I put on my sweet baby’s diaper cream and then put on their diaper nice and tight! The I pick out a cute pair of pajamas and put my sweet baby to bed with his anal bead training device tucked deep in place. So she will be ready for all the fun games mommy has planned for tomorrow. Tawny


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