Its Halloween Time!

phonesexHi, my cute little Ghosts and goblins! Your abdl mommy is going to take you out for a special Halloween time fun! You are going to get all dressed up in any costume you want mommy to buy! Then we are going to carve a pumpkin together! And we can’t forget to buy a lot of candy! Not to mention, you’re going to get so much candy
Because your going to have the best costume that any other little Adult baby would have! I can’t wait to take you shopping so come on and get into the car so we can go bye bye!
So let’s get you all strapped into your car seat! We have a big day today! Did you grab the list? Good baby! You make me soo proud! Now for the first store! Let’s get you buckled into
you stroller! Once we walk inside We see so many outfits! What do you want to be for Halloween? Wow, You picked some great ones to try on!
Now tell me which one you want! Call me for some ABDL Phone Sex!
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