Messy Diaper Boy

It’s time for my abdl lover to get changed with some diaper fetish phone sex! Oh yucky you’ve must of been sitting in that stinky diaper all night haven’t you? Well we need to change it quick because we don’t want adult baby to get a diaper rash now do we? Mommy picks you up out of the crib and lays you on the changing table. Let’s open that diaper up and see what we’re dealing with. Oh my it’s very stinky now! This might be the messiest diaper mommy has ever seen! Goodness mommy needs to plug her nose from the smell! Mommy lifts your legs up and wipes the messies off your bottom throwing the wipes into the dirty diaper. That can go straight into the diaper pail! Let’s get that diaper under adult baby’s bottom so he can be nice and cozy. Let’s not forget the baby powder either mommy always loves to use lots of it with her diaper changes! There we go isn’t that better my age regression phone sex lover?
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