Mommy’s favorite things

Mommy Tawny has been missing her special time with her sweet ABDL PHONE SEX LOVER. So when I finally get to spend special time with you I make sure I do all of my most favorite things. I make sure to dress you up in the prettiest dresses and the thickest loudest diapers I have available. You know the kind of diapers I’m talking about the ones that make you waddle when you walk and makes your bottom look so big and round. You look so adorable when you walk around in your cutest outfits I can’t help but hug and kiss all over my sweet ABDL. Of course I also have to train my sweet sissy baby. So once we finish getting you dress and breast feed you I always take out my anal plug to push into your tight little ass to train you. I know you enjoy going about the rest of your day feeling your full you ass feels watching your face after I live you and push your anal plug nice and slow is probably my most favorite thing to do my ANAL FETISH PHONE SEX LOVER

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