Mommy’s Pantie Drawer

As I walk into my bedroom I can see your little adult baby diapered bottom waggling up in the air. My naughty adult baby is on all fours, giggling to himself and playing all of my pretty panties. What a bad baby! Mommy’s pretty, satin and lace panties aren’t for nosy little babies to help themselves to! You can hear me behind you now, snapping you out of your silky pantie reverie. Do you have anything to say for yourself, little mister? No? What is this big mess, just what did you think you were doing? You get that diapered tushie right over here and tell Mommy how sorry you are for making such a big mess with my pretties. Mommy can’t keep catching you like this, baby, I don’t think a scolding will be enough. Get your bottom ready for a spanking from your strict adult baby mommy.

Mommy Jackie

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