My Toilet Play Idea!

I need you to get down on your knees, and pull your diaper and plastic pants as far away from your tummy as you can. I’m going to use you and your diaper as my personal toilet that I can take wherever I go! So open that diaper wide for some fetish toilet play while I press my pussy against your chest and piss against you so it streams down your tummy and you can get a soaked abdl diaper! I will do that over and over, all day long, drinking lots of water to make sure that diaper swells up and starts to leak down your thighs. Then I’ll make you lay down on your stomach and hump the floor in that super wet diaper till you cum inside it! I won’t be able to help but tease you until you blush about that. When I change your diaper, I’m going to show you just how much you came inside it, show you what a big mess you made. Go ahead and call for your toilet play phonesex so we can have some fun!



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