Nurse Janey Will See You Now Part 8

“Hmm …. I don’t know about that? Do you really think you should be getting a medical professional to do that?””Oh … er …. well, maybe if Ms. Tawny helped?” You’re not at all sure why this makes it any better, but it seems to fit in your mind, and Nurse Mistress Janey seems to accept that as logical as well. So she calls Ms. Tawny back, and you blushingly have to repeat the whole story all over again – while laying back on the table naked with a pink Adult ┬ádiaper under you. She ALSO thinks it is logical to punish you as long as she helps.With no more thought about it, Ms. Tawny grabs your ankles and pushes them back until your bottom is rolled up off the diaper. Then Nurse Janey, while looking you right in the eyes, begins to smack your bottom, harder and harder. As your pale skin turns pink, you start to let out little yelps with each smack. You wonder if those other ladies you saw when you were being measured and weighed can hear you being spanked (They can!) Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!!



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