Sadist Crissy

I’ve had the greatest epiphany last week and I finally got to put my deviant plan into action! The idea came to me from one of my girlfriends. She’s also in the process of cuckolding her husband and turning him into her little fluffer bitch. She told me next time my husband asked about why I wouldn’t fuck him anymore to go ahead and invite over all the bigger dicked masculine lovers I’ve been giving myself to instead. She said I should line them all up from thickest biggest cock to smallest cock which would inevitably end with my husband’s sad excuse of a cock. I would then proceed to tell him to look at every single cock in the room that’s more appealing and able to satisfy and proceed to ask him if he was a girl why he would go for a cock like his when there’s an abundance of more worthy cocks out there. It’s going to be some fun emasculation phone sex for him!



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