Sissy Fun With Auntie!

You are a cute little phone sex sissy baby, aren’t you? Do you like to twirl in your pretty dress for your Auntie? Would you curtsey for me? I like it when you do that, holding the hem of your dress out to your sides, crossing your legs together, the toes of one foot balanced on the floor. So graceful! I especially love how your dress flashes and shows off your rhumba panty covered diaper!  I put you in a double layer of the thickest adult baby diapers I could get my hands on, just to watch your bubble butt stick out that much more(and to give you that cute little waddle when you try to walk with them between your thighs)! I might have to take you with me next time I go out. Show you off and have you curtsey for all my friends! How would you like that? Call me for some sissy baby phone sex, and tell me all about it!



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