Stinky Diaper Baby

Uh-Oh you naughty adult baby, don’t you hide that diapered bottom from Mommy! I can smell that stinky ab diaper from here, pee-euw! I don’t care one bit that we are out in public, shopping for new outfits for baby, I’m going to change you right here. Little babies don’t get any say in where their AB Mommy changes them and I’ve got my diaper bag right here, all ready to take care of that messy bottom. I can see you hiding behind the clothes racks, my little stinker thinks he’s being just so sneaky but that poopy diaper smell is something you just can’t hide from. I know you’re going to pout when I scoop you up, but Mommy knows best and its time to change that messy diaper. No buts, just your bare bottom being cleaned and diapered by Mommy Jackie.

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